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What is the best branch to upgrade in October? Action “Into battle!”

Most relevant for modern randomness to win and complete LBZ.

Into battle on T110E4, E 50 Ausf.  M and AMX 13 105

Throughout October 2020, World of Tank will host a traditional promotion “To battle!”, which allows you to quickly pump several branches of technology. This time, the action is attended by three branches leading to the tops T110E4, E 50M and AMX 13 105… On the way, you will receive bonuses for completing combat missions in the form of combat experience and crew experience.

action into battle

In addition, you will receive additional experience, personal reserves and tutorials at each level from 6 to 10.

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There will also be discounts for the purchase of tanks for silver: 50% for level 5, 30% for level 6-7 and 15% for level 8-10. Don’t miss the opportunity to save on the purchase of these machines.

And now we offer you a brief overview of all three branches taking part in the action – their pros, cons and how relevant they are in modern randomness. We hope this information will help you make the right choice and roll out the cars that suit your playstyle.

Branch T110E4


The American turret tank branch is a classic support vehicle with not perfect armor, but rather powerful penetrating guns. Their common drawback is the low rotation speed of the turret, which is solved by the new equipment “Improved turning mechanisms”.

branch t110e4


Quite an interesting level 6 fun car, which has an excellent weapon for its level – high one-time damage, good penetration, reduction, DPM and UVN make it a formidable enemy, even for vehicles 1-2 levels higher.

Plus a maximum speed of 72 km / h, which this vehicle is quite capable of gaining, and excellent camouflage performance. The main disadvantage is the low speed of movement back, you do not always have time to roll back when the light is on.

T25 / 2

This Tier 7 vehicle is perhaps the most underrated in the tree. Perhaps the fact is that it is rather slow and dull in stock, plus it has a higher level of battles with slightly increased damage and gun penetration.

However, in the top, it is played quite comfortably, almost as confidently stuffing damage and does not feel like a cactus. Sometimes you have to charge gold, but you can endure it.

T28 Prototype

One of the best tank destroyers in the American branch and at tier 8 in general, featuring a very powerful penetration and DPM cannon, as well as good frontal armor.

This tank is simply made for pushing directions at the top and as a support vehicle at the bottom of the list. Moreover, after the speed was increased and the tower was sewn up, it became even better to play.


This monster causes fear in all level 9 classmates and is even capable of seriously upsetting any top ten. After all, getting a hit for 700-800 damage with a high probability of penetration will not be pleasant to anyone.

However, this is not the American’s only advantage. Its feature is the almost impenetrable forehead of the tower and excellent UVN, which allows you to successfully oppose the enemy in positioning, playing from cover and relief. You have to pay for this with a cardboard body and a relatively small but acceptable mobility.


The logical culmination of the branch is a tank with the same powerful weapon, but with even greater penetration, which is almost guaranteed to be enough for any ten.

Here, the play style is a little different – you need to roll out from behind well-armored allies and shoot back at the enemy, hoping for generally good, but not perfect armor. In general, this is a classic support car, the main disadvantage of which is incomplete turret rotation, but 180 degrees with the head is enough.
In general, this branch is quite pleasant in terms of gameplay, all cars allow you to confidently deal a lot of damage per battle and do not feel like helpless kittens. It still has not lost its relevance and is recommended for pumping, even for not very experienced players, since everyone can play from the alpha. The American will also be useful in Ranked Battles.

Branch E 50 Ausf. ME 50 Ausf.  M

Recently, the relevance of this branch has often been questioned, they say, slow armored vehicles with low penetration are no longer dragging. Therefore, the developers decided to update it and it will happen in the next patch. We recommend that you take a closer look and think about pumping this branch, while it can be done as comfortably as possible.

VK 30.02 M

This Tier 6 medium tank will make you fall in love with it for a long time, because it is practically a copy of the Panther, it combines excellent mobility with an accurate rapid-fire weapon.

Everything here is so good that there is nothing to even scold. This is one of those rare machines that should live in the hangar forever.


The German Panther is a classic that speaks for itself. It is the epitome of grace on the battlefield, renowned German accuracy, and not bad for its class and armor level.
Yes, it can be scolded for its low alpha, but I absolutely don’t want to do it, since this drawback is well compensated by its high DPM and penetration.

Panther II

But the second Panther is played at its 8th level already rather dull. Long pumping is complemented by the incredible awkwardness of this “barn”, which does not give pleasure from the game even in the top configuration.

This is the most dull German CT, which you just need to pass and forget. Prepare free experience to be promoted to the top or save blueprints for E 50, for which it is worth going through this branch.

E 50

The so-called “Epis” is rightfully considered the best heavy PT. He has armor and at the same time quite good mobility.

True, many had complaints about the armor of this tank, the gold of high-level vehicles simply did not notice it. But in the next patch, the armor will be dumped on the car, and at the same time the penetration of the gun will increase. Now crushing opponents will be even more fun, not to mention the fact that this is one of the best tanks for raising the WN8 rating.

E 50 M

Almost the same E 50, but quite a bit more mobile, with sub-calibers as main shells and premium cumulative weapons.

It feels a little better than its predecessor, but it only plays with 10 levels, where there are 3 top arts, 6 terrible PTs, and the rest are wheeled vehicles. Do you need it? So we think not, it is better to stop at a very worthy previous level 9 car and also pump drum LT.

Branch AMX 13 10513 105

Tanks with a loading drum appeared a long time ago and made a splash in their time. After all, only they could infuse such an amount of damage in a short time. However, not all of them are relevant at the moment, many have lost their popularity due to their large dimensions or problems in the implementation of the drum (large spread, not enough penetration). But all this does not apply to the French branch of drum-type LTs, which are distinguished by their small size and excellent driving characteristics, which allows them to quickly rush in and unload the drum at the enemy, catch up and shoot lonely tanks that gape.

Branch AMX 13 105

AMX 12 t

Already on a level 6 tank, you can appreciate all the delights of this branch of vehicles. It is small, nimble and inconspicuous, thanks to which it can even shine from the bushes, though only with a pipe.

The drum is weak here – only 4 shells with an alpha of 135, the CD between shots is 2.5 seconds and the subsequent reload of the drum is about 19 seconds. At the sixth level, there are vehicles with a similar rate of fire, only without a drum. Although this tank comes to many, and they leave it in their hangar. You can’t call it a cactus.

AMX 13 75

The Level 7 Drummer is very similar to its predecessor, but better and more comfortable in everything. Cooldown between shots is 2 seconds, CD of the drum is only 13 seconds, plus better stabilization in motion.

Otherwise, it is played in exactly the same way as its predecessor. At the seventh level, only the American drummer T71 DA can compete with him, transferred to a collectible technique. The latter has significantly more firepower, but large dimensions and worse concealment, which negatively affects survival.

Bat.Chat. 12 t

Batchat of level 8 received a more damaging and penetrating weapon, but rolled back down the CD of the drum to 19 seconds, which negatively affects the DPM.

However, he does not suffer much from this, he is the same cheerful drummer with excellent disguise, who can take a good position on the flank and shoot in the side of passing opponents, shining a light on himself and remaining invisible. And then, after waiting for the right moment, rush in and finish off the wounded. The tank is especially good at frontlines, as it is quite fast and plays with classmates there.

AMX 13 90

The French of the 9th level does not present surprises, the developers acted on a knurled basis – they added alphas, penetrations and increased the CD of the drum to 22 seconds, which is not yet critical.

Whether these changes are worth level 9 is hard to say. The tank is played the same way, but the level of opponents is higher, at level 9 there are already quite a few well-armored tanks, which will be more difficult to penetrate. And their weapons are already much more dangerous than those of the eights, you may not survive.

AMX 13 105

The top branch has undergone more significant changes. Alpha is already here 390, like most “adult” LT, plus penetration, but minus the rate of fire and only 3 shells in the drum.

In principle, putting the whole drum with a total damage of about 1200 units into the enemy or handing out to several about 400 is quite pleasant and the CD is still not as annoying as on the newfangled “Ball Futura”. Plus, here you can swing the review to the maximum without a pipe and camouflage at a height.

In conclusion, I would like to say that all the October branches are worth upgrading, finally there is an opportunity to profitably get a lot of interesting cars. Don’t miss the moment. This month developers made a variety of classes, which allows everyone to choose a technique for their style of play.

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