• December 5, 2023

What kind of tanks to pump to win? 7 level🔝

Top 10 tanks in WoT with the best win rate in 2019. A technique that really can make a decisive contribution to the outcome of a battle.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and today we will figure out why these tanks win the most.

10th place

Polish TT 45TP Habicha has good mobility, as for its class, but weak hull armor, albeit at good tilt angles. In battle, it can realize its potential due to a fairly strong cast turret and comfortable UVN, which makes it possible to successfully use an excellent ratio of one-time damage and armor penetration, with a fairly fast mixing.

Wins 51.31%

9th place

Chinese TT IS-2 with excellent mobility and good maneuverability, it can fully fit into the ranks of the ST, leading a breakthrough along the flank due to the fact that at the same time it has quite good armor. And powerful weapons with a high alpha strike allow you to emerge victorious from most battles.

Wins 51.37%

The high popularity of the Soviet IP did not benefit, its percentage of victories hovers around 49%.

8th place

The only classic LT in our rating – T71 DA USA. Its good driving characteristics, combined with its small dimensions and excellent visibility, make it a versatile scout that can provide both passive and active light. A gun with good penetration and fast reloading characterizes it as an art fighter and just a good support tank.

Wins 51.41%

7th place

Chinese ST T-34-1 it stands out for its good dynamics and maneuverability. It has a strong turret, but weak hull armor. But due to the low silhouette, a good stealth coefficient. His armor hit rate is one of the best among his classmates.

Wins 51.43%

6th place

Japanese TT O-Ni, which stands out at its level with good armor on the forehead and stern of the hull, and also has powerful circular turret armor and the largest pool of hit points. This is complemented by a good view, which allows you to more confidently push through enemy defenses, detecting enemies lurking in ambush. There is a choice of a more stable 100 mm cannon and a 150 mm high-explosive gun with huge one-time damage, and comfortable high-voltage weapons allow more effective use of the gun.

Wins 51.93%

5th place

Italian ST P.43 ter It is not some kind of imba, it has no pronounced advantages, but at the same time it is perfectly balanced, so it is quite comfortable to play on it. It has good dynamics, acceptable alpha-strike and armor penetration, and the UVN is comfortable enough to implement a weapon. He has good body armor, which sometimes reminds of itself even in the most unexpected situations due to the reduction.

Wins 51.8%

4th place

Assault British tank destroyer AT 7 at the top of the list, due to powerful frontal armor, it can successfully push through enemy defenses or hold a position. Small one-time damage is compensated for by a high rate of fire, and accuracy allows you to confidently target vulnerable areas in enemy armor. Among classmates, it stands out with the largest margin of safety.

Wins 52.22%

3rd place

The wheelers are rapidly breaking into not only the enemy base, but also into the TOP 3 of our rating. French light tank Hotchkiss EBR has better mobility at its tier and high stealth, which increases its survivability on the front lines. It has excellent gun stabilization, fast aiming and good accuracy, and the UVN allows you to fire regardless of the terrain, so it has no equal in dynamic battles.

Wins 52.34

2nd place

The next in line is a heavy tank from the USA T29 with excellent frontal armor of the turret and a small combo, which not everyone can target. At the same time, he has comfortable vertical guidance angles, so playing from the terrain he can shoot opponents with impunity. The main thing is not to let the enemy get close, because his hull is poorly protected, and when choosing a position, you need to take into account the SPG factor, which will definitely try to focus the T29.

Victory 52.4%

1st place

The leader of the TOP among 7 tiers is an American medium tank T20… Weak armor forces you to play at the expense of dynamics and camouflage or act as a support tank because of the backs of your allies. The weapon is balanced enough to fire at close and medium range, and the comfortable UVN allows the use of terrain features in battle. The first place in the rating is also due to the fact that the T20 is universal, so almost everyone can demonstrate good performance on it.

A little advice from personal experience: the main thing is not to engage in 1v1 duels with other MTs, because T20 loses in DPM due to a long recharge and you need to remember that it has absolutely no armor.

Wins 52.94%

Which tanks do you have the best result on?

Why are these tanks the most popular? 7th level

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