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What premium tanks should you buy to win? Level 8

Top premium tanks in WoT with the best win rate. A technique that is truly capable of making a decisive contribution to the outcome of a battle, and having it in a team increases the chances of winning.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today we will figure out why these tanks won the most at the end of last year.

5th place

Heavy Polish tank 50TP prototyp, which appeared in the game with the release of patch 1.2 and was even called by some as a “defender’s killer”. But now we will not go into a comparison of technology, but will immediately move on to the features of the “Polish hussar”. It stands out with large one-time damage, but it is not easy to implement it:

  • long mixing;
  • weak armor penetration;
  • low rate of fire.

It has comfortable VLDs, which allows you to play off the terrain, hiding a thin NLD and a vulnerable driver’s hatch located in the center of the VLD. The sides are poorly protected, but the VLD can even tank 9 levels + a strong tower in the frontal projection. The 50TP has good mobility, but the top speed is low. To maximize the potential of this vehicle, you need to know where to punch vehicles and navigate well on the map, so it is difficult for beginners to master and is located only at the beginning of the rating.

Win rate 54.75%

4th place

French wheeled light tank Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10), which became the main imboy of 2019. For all the time after the marathon, it has never been sold on the RU cluster, although many players are looking forward to it (on the EU it has already been publicly sold 2 times). Therefore, the tank got into our rating in advance, with the hope that the turn will come to us, so pay attention to this car.

High maximum speed of 80 km / h in high-speed mode and 60 km / h in maneuvering mode, while it is the same for reverse and forward travel. Excellent dynamics and maneuverability make it an excellent LT for active reconnaissance, and good stealth allows you to sneak up close, slightly compensating for the very low visibility.

At the same time, EBR 75 (FL 10) is the most dangerous among its classmates at close range:

  • drum for 2 shells;
  • excellent stabilization of the weapon;
  • fast recharge;
  • high-explosive shells penetrate 75 mm;
  • good UVN.

It lacks armor, but there are wheels that often help to transfer hits without damage, and it is quite difficult to slow it down. He demonstrates his superiority not only in random, but also on the Front Line.

Win rate 54.96%

3rd place

And here is the main favorite of the fans of the Soviet heavy – Object 252U aka “Defender”. These are two extremes of the same essence, with the only difference that the “Defender” has a unique style:

Against the background of other heavy weapons of the USSR, Object 252U stands out with the largest alpha-strike and one of the best armor penetration, which is very much appreciated for premium vehicles. He pays for this with a long recharge, so he is played from the alpha: shot – rolled – reloaded – shot. At the same time, he has good armor with rational angles of inclination of armor plates and the legendary Soviet “pike nose”. But you need to know how to use the latter, so as not to take damage once again, justifying the not very pleasant nickname – “Cheater”.

The power of armor and alpha is combined with good mobility, which is very much appreciated in modern randomness. He can always be in time to capture an enemy base or return to defend his own. The Defender is definitely one of the leaders on the battlefield you can rely on.

Win rate 55.35%

2nd place

The most versatile light tank that can equally effectively cope with passive and active illumination, successfully performing LBZ – the Soviet LT-432. This LT has a high maximum speed and good maneuverability, and a low silhouette guarantees excellent camouflage. The visibility is weak, but the high communication range will allow the transmission of intelligence data over a long distance, which is an undoubted advantage when completing missions in the campaign.

LT-432 can not only shine, but also damage well. It is armed with a rapid-fire cannon with fast aiming, excellent accuracy, and good high-pressure targets for Soviet equipment. It differs from its classmates by the presence of rebound armor, which often helps, especially against small calibers and provides an advantage when ramming. Add to this the excellent stabilization of the gun in motion and we get the best LT in close combat, which only the Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10) can compete with.

Win rate 55.41%

1st place

The only representative of the class of medium tanks in the TOP 5 – the Italian Progetto M35 mod. 46. ​​It was he who this year was recognized as the best premium tank by many tank bloggers and players. Despite the fact that he does not forgive mistakes and is picky about the player’s skill, the tank still has a comfortable and variable gameplay.

The main feature of this STshki is drum recharging mechanism, which, if done correctly, allows you to get a lot of damage. The gun has good penetration, high accuracy, quick aiming, and a magazine for three rounds. The implementation of damage is facilitated by convenient UVN, and a decent view with good stealth allows sniper fire at medium and long distances, without exposing the enemy to weak armor. Good mobility allows him to move quickly, influencing the situation in battle where allies need help. It is Progetto M35 mod. 46 is now one of the best support tanks.

Win rate 55.57%

Which premium tanks do you have the best winrate on? Write comments, share your opinion!


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