• March 4, 2024

What tank will the spring marathon in WoT be for? Promise imbu

Another “hunt” with a new premium farming machine that most players will not refuse to get.

Hunting here in spring

Greetings tankers! Welcome to the Wotpack and an overview of possible reward tanks for the spring marathon. The event itself is already confirmed information that the developers announced in the calendar of events for May-June in World of Tanks.

The estimated start date for the “Hunt” is May 28. These will be the classic 10 days of the marathon.

As it became known from the latest insiders, rumor has it that Wargaming are unhappy with the dynamics of obtaining / buying “marathon” tanks. Over the past year, after Bat Chatillon Bourrasque, the number of vehicles has been steadily decreasing, and an anti-record was set for the Chinese CT 122-TM during the last Moon Hunt. All this forced the developers to reconsider their approach and seem to promise to bring imba to the marathon.

Among the possible candidates that have recently been added to the game, we have selected three tanks.

3rd place

British heavy tank Charlemagne. Many were waiting for him as a reward at the last marathon, but then the VG caved in for the Chinese New Year. This TT is played exclusively from the alpha, but in general, the weapon cannot be called comfortable, and the car is not attractive.Charlemagne

A specific technique for players who do not know how to play from DPM, but can do something in the positioning due to large one-time damage.

Low probability for the marathon.

2nd place

German medium tank Kampfpanzer 07 RH. Germany is in trouble with premium vehicles of this class and this car may well solve it. Excellent accuracy, fast aiming time, high DPM and comfortable UVV – it would seem that the tank is ideal, but not without a fly in the ointment… Among the main disadvantages you need to consider:

  • very low one-time damage, less than average (he is strictly forbidden to play and trade from alpha);
  • weak armor penetration with a basic projectile;
  • weak hull armor and a hefty cardboard tower.

Kampfpanzer 07 RH

Judging by the performance characteristics, the gameplay involves an active game with the enemy entering the rear or from the flank in order to realize the potential of the weapon, leveling its shortcomings.

Average probability get the main reward for the “Hunt” if the developers do not have time to bring to mind the next car.

1st place

Most likely, the developers will not invent a “bicycle” and will go the beaten path, as it was last year with the release of branches. Let’s give the following analogy:

  1. Soviet double-barreled tanks come out – they put them in New Year’s boxes under this branch. This year we also did the Italian weights.
  2. Last year, together with the release of Polish medium tanks, we staged a marathon at the CS-52 LIS prem for them. Therefore, it is likely that the next “Hunt” will be timed to coincide with the release of the Czechoslovak heavy tanks.

We are talking about the heavy Škoda T 56. So far it is not in the game, it is at the testing stage, but the preliminary performance characteristics are impressive:TTX Škoda T 56

Large one-time damage with high armor penetration with a gold projectile and a drum with fast reloading is a good application for imbu. At the same time, he has a fairly strong tower and sane mobility, so the gameplay of the tank is very pleasant. On social networks, the players positively reacted to the news about the release of this technique and there are many who want to get it in their Hangar.

High probability become a reward car. So if the developers do not want to once again “sit in a puddle” with their marathons, then in a month there will be an announcement of the hunt for this Czechoslovakian premier TT.

What kind of tank would you like to see at the marathon? Participate in the survey, write comments.

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