• May 22, 2024

what to buy in 2022?

New tanks for bonds in WoT in January 2022

We understand the relevance of technology in modern randomness. Which of the added tanks do not “suffer”, but may well bend down, farm silver and, in principle, bring pleasure to the game.

Hello tankers! The bond store has been updated in World of Tanks to coincide with the second season of Ranked Battles. We will not discuss styles, this is purely “taste”, but it is quite possible to speculate on the topic of tanks.

Added vehicles sorted by rating from worst to best.

4th place – Tiger 131

Tiger 131

A German Tier 6 heavy tank that was once available for a mini-marathon. It has a good viewing radius, a fast-firing gun and a large margin of safety. Alas, with its shortcomings, this will not go far.

At the same time, his dynamics are mediocre, he sees his maximum speed only when going down the hill. There is no sense in fast reloading, so armor penetration even on gold leaves much to be desired. In general, this is a clumsy “whipping boy” who is not able to fend for himself.

3rd place – Strv 81

Strv 81

Tier 8 Swedish medium tank, which is similar to Prima Victoria, but without camouflage. This car appeared in the game even before the introduction of pumped STs of Sweden, so the crew consists of 5 people and will not dock at all if you have already started to pump the branch.

According to the performance characteristics, do not get fooled by the beautiful numbers of accuracy, armor and armor penetration. The stabilization here is disgusting, every time you have to reduce from a huge circle. The armor in the turret is not imbued, there are weak spots, and the hull is completely weak. It has large dimensions and low mobility, which in no way corresponds to the CT gameplay.

To shoot conditional 2k damage, you will have to sweat, so the gameplay of Strv 81 is not suitable for everyone. But he can farm, albeit with difficulty, but the game does not bring him much pleasure.

2nd place – leKpz M 41 90 mm GF

leKpz M 41 90 mm GF

Light tank – “German bulldog” leKpz M 41 90 mm GF. It was sold on the Black Market, during promotions and on various holiday calendars. Everyone who wanted to take it already has the equipment, so it is not of particular value.

As a LT, it is a very mediocre vehicle: weak dynamics, large dimensions and poor camouflage nullify the performance of the main function – reconnaissance. This tank is more for fun rides and shooting damage (he can do it), otherwise he too inferior not only to other premium LT, but also pumped.

1st place – T-34-3


Surprisingly, the Chinese medium tank with preferential level of fights T-34-3 is now playing quite well, especially against the background of previous machines. It wasn’t always like this, but it’s been hit 3 times already, improving the HVL, stabilization, aiming time, accuracy, safety margin, projectile speed and even armor penetration.

That is why in the modern random this tank has become more playable, while not without its chips: 122 mm guns with a large alpha, ricochet armor in places, pleasant dynamics and good camouflage. Of course, he also has enough shortcomings, but they were made less critical.

Not to say that this is ideal for farming, but the technique is quite fun and after the rebalance it sparkled with new colors.

Write in the comments what you think about upgrading tanks for bonds and which ones you plan to take. By the way, we can advise don’t rush to buyuntil the Black Market 2022 is over. There were rumors on the net that there would be lots for bonds, so just in case, it’s better to save them for now.

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