• February 22, 2024

What to do if org.lwjgl.LWJGL Minecraft error on Windows 10?

As part of this guide, we will deal with an atypical error – org.lwjgl.LWJGL Exception; Pixel Format Not Accelerated. Windows 10 users may experience this message and it appears suddenly, possibly without any preliminary changes. It is believed that the problem is caused by a faulty video card driver, it could be outdated, not installed, or be damaged. This prevents everyone from launching their beloved Minecraft. However, for some users the situation is even worse – they have a problem with hardware breakdowns.

How to fix org.lwjgl.LWJGL error in Minecraft?

Before making any conclusions regarding the health of your own equipment, you should try to perform several programmatic actions. This often works, and Minecraft still runs on a Windows 10 computer.

Here are the best ways to fix the error:

  • Update Minecraft… If the error happened after a recent update that you probably didn’t install, there’s a good chance this will help. It is better to check the current version on the official website and download a new patch if necessary.
  • Disconnect all non-essential hardware from the computer… In the event of a conflict, it may cause this error to appear. After disconnecting, it may be that the video card drivers will work correctly. In the future, you need to connect one device to the PC and watch when problems begin to appear. As soon as we find the culprit, it is worth manually updating the driver for it. We are aware that some users experienced a crash due to their controller and headset.
  • Reinstall or update problematic drivers… In the “Device Manager” it is worth finding those items that have an exclamation mark or a yellow triangle. You need to install drivers for them. We also advise you to update the system, because along with it all the required software is updated.
  • Roll back driver… Also, the driver can be updated to the latest, not very stable version, which is also bad. In this case, all that remains is to roll back the video driver, which can be done in the properties of the video card in the “Device Manager” section.

So far, this is all we can offer to those who saw the org lwjgl LWJGL error when launching Minecraft on a Windows 10 PC. Hopefully some of the above will help you.

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