• May 22, 2024

What to do if WC-34737-4 “Card data is invalid” error on PS4?

After the PlayStation 4 became one of the most popular video game consoles in the world, everyone began to realize that it takes money to play well. Almost all the exclusive content for which you purchased this set-top box is paid. You can buy in the company store not only games, but also various skins, themes for the main menu, permissions, etc. To make purchases, you need to link your bank card to your wallet, after which a standard payment method will become available. But more and more often, users are faced with errors during the purchase.

Often when trying to make a purchase in the PlayStation branded store, the error WC-34737-4 appears, which is accompanied by the words: “These cards are invalid: error WC-34737-4.” Also, this error appears when you try to add a new payment card in your personal account. Since it becomes impossible to make purchases, and almost all software is paid, there is less sense in the game console. But do not worry, this problem can be solved, while doing it yourself.

Reasons for the error

Today there is no reliable information as to why this error occurs when purchasing content or adding a new card. Official sources do not answer the question either. You simply will not find WC-34737-4 in the PlayStation error database, it seems that the manufacturer does not know what to do in such a situation. Nevertheless, users have independently compiled a list of the most common causes of this problem. First of all, these are errors when entering details, the card simply does not pass the check on the side of the payment gateway. Also, the reason may be the expiration of the card that you are using for payments or trying to add to the wallet. In some cases, the problem exists only when trying to buy content from the console.

How to fix error WC-34737-4?

There are several effective and proven ways to solve the problem. Since it is impossible to reliably find out what caused the error in your particular case, you will have to use different solutions. You need to start with the simplest and move to the last, so you can save time and find the best way to the problem.

Method 1: check if your payment details are correct

Very often the reason for this error is the data entered by the user incorrectly. Errors in the card number, expiration date and region can lead to similar problems. You need to go to the main menu of the console, go to Settings and then find the item Payment data. This menu contains all the information about what card data you entered earlier. Study this information carefully and make sure that you did not make any mistakes when adding a new card. Also note that the country and region of cardholders’ billing information are the same as those listed on their PSN account. If there are errors, then it is necessary to correct them and submit the correct information, then the ability to make purchases will be restored.


Method 2: add a new card

Often the reason for the error is that the bank card has expired and it has become invalid. The system tries to make a payment, but an error occurs on the side of the bank gateway. This is why you see the code WC-34737-4 on the screen. If this is the case, then you need to change the bank card and extend its service life, or use a card from another bank. In the payment data of your account, you can add a new card, and you should use this functionality. After you enter the details again, you can delete the old card or choose a new one as the default payment method. Now you can make payments without any problems.


You should also pay attention to whether the limit of online purchases on your card has not been exceeded. Today banks give you the opportunity to set a limit on such purchases, after which all payments will be blocked. Since the purchase of content through the PlayStation branded store is exactly an Internet operation, it will be blocked. In this case, you can open the online banking application and increase the online shopping limit.

Method 3: enter card details via the PlayStation website

Some users on thematic forums note the fact that it is impossible to add a map only from the console itself, from the official website everything works as usual. This is a fairly simple and quick way to solve the problem. You must use your computer or phone to visit playstation.com and then log into your account that you use on the console. Next, you should open your account settings, find the item “Payment details” and add a new card through the site.

The procedure for adding a new card through the site is not very complicated, but it involves confirmation through a request at the bank. After the card is added, it will also appear in the billing information on the console, because the same account is used. It is not necessary to make purchases through the PS Store on a PC or smartphone, you can open the store through the console and purchase any content.

Method 4: add money to your account with a recharge card

If none of the above methods helped in solving the problem and the error continues to appear, then you will have to use drastic methods. You can find a PlayStation top-up card at any online electronics store or hypermarket. This is a card with a secret code, you erase the protective cover, get access to a unique code, and then enter it in your wallet. A certain amount of funds appears on the account, which is equivalent to the value on the voucher. After that, you can make purchases, spending this money from your account. This does not solve the problem with adding and using a bank card, but it allows you to fully use the game console. You can purchase not only games and other content, but also subscriptions.


Error WC-34737-4 is considered a common occurrence among PlayStation 4 users. If none of the above methods helped, and you do not want to purchase a voucher, you can contact the official PlayStation technical support, describing the problem to them. Nevertheless, as evidenced by the feedback from players on thematic forums, technical support cannot always offer an effective solution. Most users are helped by adding a map through the official PlayStation website, but initially you need to make sure that you have not entered the map data with errors.

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