• March 4, 2024

What to do in Fallout 76 if all textures are black?

Playing Fallout 76 with black silhouettes is unbearable. Of course, you can guess where the tree is, and where the hero is, but still it’s definitely not possible to play normally. A similar problem in Fallout 76 needs to be fixed as soon as possible, otherwise you will have to give up on it. In the best case, the player will get the money back.

How to remove black textures?

Standard recovery methods, such as updating video drivers or installing DirectX, will not help here. Even the release of fixes from the developers did not bring the expected result. In reality, the problem lies in the ini-file – this is the game’s configuration file. One could provide instructions on what lines to add to the files. To avoid this, it is better to use ready-made files for link

The player will only have to open the archive and unzip the files to the directory with the game – * Documents My Games Fallout76. The system may ask if you need to replace files, you should select “Yes”. These files contain the necessary texture settings that restore their display.

As of today, this is the only known method to return normal texture processing in Fallout 76.

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