• November 29, 2023

What to do with yourself in quarantine in World of Tanks?

If you hurry up, then there is an option to spend time usefully, prepare for the release of a new patch and increase the stock of useful things.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and we have prepared material for players who now have free time and a desire to upgrade their account.

Wargaming are trying in every possible way to support players during the period of forced self-isolation, for example, with various promotions, bonuses, they even gave 14 days of a premium account. Such events will continue until the end of the month. Now let’s move on to current news.

The second stage of the Front Line will last from 6 to 13 April. This year, the amount of experience required has been halved compared to the previous year, so getting tokens for exchange for a promotional tier 9 tank has become much easier.

By the way, if you managed to play on the first day of the first stage of the LF, now you can get compensation for bugs.

This is a simple way, without sacrificing statistics, to earn experience on upgraded vehicles, farm on premapped vehicles and, importantly, upgrade tankers before the release of the Crew 2.0 changes. And for those who just want to go through the LF stage as soon as possible, we recommend that you read the guide on how to get a general.

For ardent opponents of donation or players who, for various reasons, cannot invest money in the game now – best moment to get free tier 8 prem tank… Now that there is more time for games, you can go through the referral program.

An important nuance why you shouldn’t delay with the passage of the referral is update 1.9, which will be released on the 20th of April. In this patch nerf a lot of sand imbe tankswhich are best for completing the solo referral program. Then it will be much more difficult to pass.

If you wish, you can call a friend as a recruit, it is more fun to play together. The main thing when creating an account recruit, use the invite link and enter the bonus code in the registration field TANKOLETto get gold, a premium account and 6 premium tanks (5 for rent and 1 forever).

Also, some of the tankers have now become more active, who decided playing WoT to earn money by performing a referral… They go through the program in 2-3 days and charge from 500 rubles for their services. So if you have an unpaid vacation, then you can save up some money this way. The main thing is to register accounts using an invite link, because this will greatly simplify and speed up the process of passing.

The general test of update 1.9 with collectible vehicles and new development branches is now available for the game, if you want to test the tanks of level 10, now is a good chance. It is very convenient, to feel the technique before pumping out to the base, it helps to decide whether the gameplay is right for you or not to waste time.

And completing the to-do list in WoT is the passage of the first season of the Battle Pass. Many awards, among which deserves special attention:

  • unique commander with 3 skills;
  • style for one of the tanks of level 10;
  • and most importantly – trophy equipment, which is equated to boom, but it can be rearranged as usual, for gold.

o progression through the Battle Pass levels requires more vehicles, because each tank received a point limit. This problem is especially noticeable for newbies and can be solved using a Twitch Prime account:

  • for rent for 20-25 days a King Tiger tank (captured) with an increased limit of points;
  • every month two more premium tanks of 8 and 6 levels for rent for 14 days with 100% crew.

April action “into battle!” gave us three interesting branches for pumping:

  • Swedish heavy tanks;
  • Italian medium tanks;
  • Soviet tank destroyers.

It rarely happens that each of the branches deserves attention. In our review, we prioritized what is best to pump out now. note that this month the promotion ends earlier than usual – April 21

In a week we are expecting the second part of the April stocks. Write comments as you while away your time in tanks, and take part in the survey.


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