• September 28, 2023

What to play in quarantine? Top 5 games

The most interesting and exciting, atmospheric and intriguing, so that the time at home flies by.

Hello readers! With you Wotpack and we have prepared a rating of games, among which everyone can choose what they like: action, strategy, dynamic skirmishes or a deeply worked out plot. Among the projects presented here are single-player, which do not require an Internet connection, and multiplayer for playing on the network with friends.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Surely everyone has heard of the legendary Call of Duty shooter series. The project began with games about the Second World War and gradually moved on to the conflicts of the 21st century, implementing the most modern technologies and equipment in the game. Now the genre of “Battle Royale” – Warzone has reached CoD. All Call of Duty series are paid, but a free separate client was made for this mode, so the game in the first weeks exceeded all expectations in terms of the number of players.

The regime is striking in its scale – 150 people jump out of the plane, choosing the landing zone and fight with other participants, because there can be only one winner. You can play both alone and in the digging of friends up to 4 people… A distinctive feature was the ability to return to the game after death. When your hero is neutralized, he goes to the GULAG, where there is a duel with another player for the right to return to the battlefield. Quite an atmospheric mini-mode with prison showers and spectators from the outside (other victims waiting for their turn to enter the arena).

This mode in the code is different even the presence of contracts for the elimination of the enemy, the capture of points, the opening of containers and all this brings money that can be spent on improving weapons or ransoming a comrade who lost in the Gulag. The game provides a huge assortment of modern weapons and gadgets (there are even drones and turrets).

World of Tanks

The brainchild of Wargming for many years one of the most popular online games in CHG, and in recent years has been gaining momentum in Europe, Asia and America. The reason for this is the uniqueness of the game – a tank simulator in the setting of the Second World War. Yes, there are different clones that appeared much later, but they still cannot be compared.

World of Tanks invites the player to plunge into Large-scale tank battles with an abundance of equipment for every taste! Highly detailed historical machines that forged victory in the Great Patriotic War: from the “thirty-four”, indispensable in the early years, to the ISU-152 “Zveroboev”, the ISU-152, which inspired fear for German tankmen, and the IS-2 heavy tanks, which took part in the capture of Berlin.

But the game is not limited only to historical technology, the most spectacular machines have been recreated in detail from the surviving models and drawings. For example, Hitler’s last hope for the creation of a super-heavy tank – Maus, which to this day is the heaviest in weight. The game features many nations and 5 classes of vehicles, so everyone will find a car that suits them.

2020 is the best time to start playing or come back

This year the game anniversary – 10 years, so many interesting events and gifts are expected. It will start in April and will last almost until the end of the year, and the peak of the freebie will be August. If you register now using the invite link and enter the TANKOLET invite code in the registration field, then for an effective start available:

  • 1450 gold + premium T-127 tank as a gift;
  • 4 premium tanks for rent;
  • a week of premium account;
  • for completing the training, there are many more buns and tanks.

Learn more about how the project is developing now and what awaits WoT in 2020.

Lost Ark

We also did not pass by the MMORPG fans, adding the best game of this genre in 2019 to our top. Lost Ark is an isometric fantasy game that has become a real breakthrough in its genre with unique features.

The plot is based on the salvation of humanity, no matter how trite it may sound, but the game has a special approach solving this problem. Hordes of demons through the Gates of Chaos invaded the planet of people with one goal – to exterminate humanity. In an unequal struggle, mortals have seemingly lost hope of salvation, and then our hero appears (and given that this is an online game, you can unite with other players).

The hero goes in search of powerful artifacts in a world that is divided into many continents and islands. Therefore, you will have to first equip own shipto surf the sea. Lost Ark has a well-developed interactivity environment: You can open the aqueduct and flood the boss or shoot down the dragon with a ballista.

Many classes, detailed customization and a varied pumping system allow you to create a unique hero. Going on a journey, you have to go through exciting adventures, repelling the attacks of demons on land, exploring the islands, engaging in battles with formidable pirates and sea monsters!

Lost Ark was released at the end of the year on OBT (open beta testing) and is still being filled with content, so it will be easy for beginners to join the gameplay. By registering using the invite link, you can now get good gifts for an effective start:

Metro exodus

The Metro series has long been heard, and the developers of STALKER, the iconic game of its time, worked on it. It differs in a detailed plot, because it is based on the books of Dmitry Glukhovsky. A kind of domestic “Fallout”, but instead of the American wastelands, the action takes place initially on the territory of Moscow, and in the last part and other cities of Russia.

There was a nuclear war, most of the world’s population died, and the survivors are hiding deep in the subway. On the surface, due to the high level of radiation, mutated animals, plants and just monsters appear. There is a split between people in the subway, division into clans, a war for resources, and at the same time it is necessary to repel the attacks of mutants who push from the outside.

The main character has a long way to go, the game fascinates with the plot and provides freedom of action, thereforeyour actions will affect the ending of each partand. This is a first-person shooter with a lot of gunfights, a variety of weapons and atmospheric locations.

Plague Inc: Evolved

The game is an unusual combination: a realistic simulator of our planet and strategy. Unlike previous rating games, here the player is offered not save the world, but destroy all humanity by inventing your own virus. The task is simple – to spread your brainchild, which will be able to adapt to all measures taken by people.

In February, Plague Inc broke all records for the number of simultaneous users in the game. Event-influenced 2016 project became so popular in the world that the Chinese authorities even banned it on their territory and demanded that the game be removed from the stores for iPhone and Android.

But the developers did not stay away from the current situation, allocated a decent amount of money to develop a drug… They even started to cook alternate continuation of his game – reverse mode to fight disease… Now players have to save the world from a viral threat, and develop healthcare. This mode will be a free update.

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