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What was the fate of the actors of the cult film?

Fight club.  Collage

It’s hard to find someone who is not familiar with the iconic picture of the end XX century, “Fight club”… At first, the film was perceived ambiguously by the audience, but caused a certain resonance and is now considered a classic of Western cinema. It’s time to remember how the fate of the film stars developed – who reached the top in an acting career, and who managed to realize themselves in a different incarnation?

Why is “Fight Club” so catchy? This is one of the few films that explores the consumer attitude of people towards life. Chuck Palahniuk in his novel, according to which the tape was filmed, he tries to tell us that there are much more important things than signs of material wealth, however, he does it in a radical way.

Meath Loef

Fight club.  Meath Loef.  Robert Paulson

Role Robert Paulson in “Fight Club” cannot be called great, but it is also rash to underestimate its importance. A good-natured fat man, a friend of the protagonist, is a member of the Mayhem project, dies during the next assignment and becomes a legend of the organization.

The real name of the actor is Michael Lee Eday, and Meath Loef is a stage name. The man devoted his life to rock and became famous after his debut album, which turned out to be extremely successful.

Meat Loaf also starred in many films, but really high-profile projects bypassed the singer. You can recall such paintings with his participation as Wayne’s World, “Tales from the crypt”, “Dr. House”

Zach Grenier

Fight club.  Zach Grenier.  Boss

In the picture “Fight club” the actor played the boss of the protagonist, to which the character Edward Norton treats with a fair amount of hatred. Gradually, the boss loses control over the subordinate and fires him with significant concessions.

Zach Grenier appeared in many films, however, there were very few truly iconic works in his career – “Rock climber”, “Maximum risk”, restart “Robocop”… Now the man is focused on participating in various TV shows, and Zach is also the head of a center for working with homeless people.

Jared Leto

Fight club.  Jared Leto.  Blond

We are gradually moving on to more well-known personalities to the general public. Jared Leto played in “Fight Club” one of the main activists of the “Mayhem” project, Blond… This character participates in several defining moments of the film, although he remains in the shadow of the key characters.

To the lead singer of a rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars the audience is treated differently. Some love Jared for his musical talents, while others celebrate the man’s contribution to cinema. There is also an opinion that Leto is not the best actor, but his Joker in “Suicide squad” really few people liked it.

On the other hand, Jared has an Oscar in his collection for his role in the picture Dallas Buyers Club, therefore, his career can be safely called extremely successful. However, Leto considers himself, first of all, a musician and continues to develop in this direction.

Helena Bonham Carter

Fight club.  Helena Bonham Carter.  Marla

Marla Singer – love interest of the protagonist in “Fight Club”… The girl is desperately trying to mend a relationship, but the alter ego of the character of Edward Norton constantly prevents the lovers from finding harmony.

Helena Bonham Carter – a very popular actress who participated in many high-profile projects. “Planet of the Apes”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, “Terminator: May the Savior Come”, Sweeney Todd – far from a complete list of her works.

During her career, the actress managed to receive a huge number of cinematic awards, but the Oscar has not yet submitted to her. Helena has been nominated twice for a film award “Dove Wings”, and “The King Speaks!”but failed.

Brad Pitt

Fight club.  Brad Pitt.  Tyler Durden

Tyler Durden – alter ego of the main character performed by Brad Pitt… The man embodies the secret desires of the narrator and gradually merges with his personality. Tyler brings the Mayhem project to its logical conclusion, winning the ideological confrontation with the character Norton

Brad Pitt became a real star in the mid-nineties, so in “Fight Club” played, already being in the status of a celebrity. His work was warmly received by critics, although controversy continued to rage around the picture itself for a long time. Brad has played in a huge number of films and is now deservedly one of the most sought-after actors.

For a long time, Pitt did not develop a relationship with the American Film Academy – he received a personal Oscar only in 2020 for the film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, although he was nominated 4 times before.

Edward Norton

Fight club.  Edward Norton.  The narrator

The main character of the film “Fight club” – an impersonal office worker obsessed with buying things. After meeting with Tyler Durden the character refuses material goods, becomes the organizer of clandestine battles and the creator of the “Mayhem” project.

Edward is considered one of the most talented actors of our time. Alas, the absurd character prevents him from revealing his full potential – directors are often afraid to invite Norton into your projects. Edward often wreaks havoc on the set and tries to control all aspects of filmmaking.

Nevertheless, Norton collected a huge number of awards and was nominated three times for an Academy Award for his roles in films. “Primal fear”, “American History X” and Birdman

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