• December 1, 2023

What will happen to the cheaters in Among Us? Developers response

On some servers, it is almost impossible to play Among Us due to unscrupulous players with cheats. The community has been waiting for a reaction from the developers for a long time, and so they spoke about it.

Among Us

A huge number of cheaters have appeared in Among Us, especially on Russian-speaking servers. And if some players used cracking programs only for skins and did not interfere with anyone, then others simply ended the match instantly in their favor or just spoiled the fun of others. This situation could simply ruin Among Us in the CIS, and the community has long asked the developers to solve the situation. What did the creators decide to do?

What will happen to the cheaters?

Among Us

InnerSloth, the game’s developers, have made an official statement regarding dishonest players. They decided to approach the problem in a comprehensive manner and are now taking several important measures at once:

  • Create a complaints system. Now you can throw a report at the cheater. If there are many complaints, he will be banned.
  • Improve servers, allowing them to automatically detect cheats and cracking programs.
  • The custom client is updated. They will build their protection against hacks into it in order to overcome deceivers even at the moment of launching the game.

However, all this takes time. The developers are trying to release these updates as soon as possiblehowever, they are unable to give exact release dates yet.

All cheaters will be banned, no matter at what stage the game is hacked.

Why haven’t we got rid of cheaters earlier?

Among Us

No one could have imagined that Among Us would become a bestseller and its servers will receive such a load. The developers were even preparing for the release of the second part, but when they saw the excitement around the first, they decided to bring it to perfection. Therefore, the game initially had weak protection against cheaters – no one thought that she would be so in demand!

When popularity came to the project, deceivers also pulled up with it, who, using codes, decided to deserve their victories. InnerSloth will definitely solve this problem, but it will take some time.

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