• May 26, 2022

What’s better in Among Us – being an impostor or a crew member?

Not sure which role suits you best – a law-abiding astronaut or a traitorous alien? This comparison will help you make your choice.

What's better in Among Us - being an impostor or a crew member?

In Among Us, most players tend to take the role of the traitor, considering it the most interesting. However, in reality, everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Team members have their own unique gameplay that impostors simply don’t get. If you already know how to play as a traitor and know how to survive in Among Us, we recommend that you talk with us about who the gameplay is more fun for.

Team play or loneliness

Among Us team or loner

The impostor, despite the fact that he has a partner (or even several), is a loner role. Traitors cannot communicate during a round, they do not have a dedicated chat or symbol system. It often happens that impostors can commit double murder, but do not resort to this technique due to lack of communication. Sometimes traitors merge each other even during the voting, in order to deflect suspicion from himself.

The crew is different. They have to stick together to survive and complete all tasks. If there are several astronauts who know for sure that they are not traitors, then they can unite and walk together. Thus it becomes almost impossible to kill them… Perfect team tactics. Group work can be traced during voting, when it is important to listen to everyone and find the truth in a general conversation.

Output: A traitor is the best role for a loner. If you want to play as a team, it’s more fun to be a crew member.


Among Us traitor

Crew members constantly have to be on the alert and worry about your life. Falling into poorly lit corners and completing long tasks, they constantly have to flinch and turn around. Of course, this tension gradually builds up, and the role of a team member gradually becomes boring.

However, this cannot be compared with the fact how does a traitor feel… He is a criminal and constantly has to worry about being caught. Planning assassinations, tracking down crew members and constantly shielding yourself in general polls exhausting a lot more.

Output: If you like the role of the innocent, then you should pay attention to the crew member. A traitor suits someone who will not be tormented by conscience later.


Among Us gameplay

Traitors have a very monotonous planned gameplay. All they can do is kill, jump mines and sabotage. However, traveling through ventilation is a very visible mechanic that shouldn’t be overused. The only good thing is the ability to destroy the crew members, but in this process, the most interesting thing is tracking. The gameplay itself does not stand out in any way.

Crew members tasks are constantly changing on different maps, and this makes the game much more fun. In addition, each location has its own cuts, secret passages and opportunities to find a traitor. As a result, you can develop at least 2-3 tactics for each map, or even more. Because of this, the gameplay for a crew member becomes much more interesting.

Output: It is interesting to be an impostor only sometimes, so it makes no sense to use cheats “always a traitor” or similar mods. It is best to succumb to the randomness of the game, then no role will have time to get bored.

Newbie or old man

Among Us newcomer or old man

If you are an experienced player in Among Us, and you complete all quests for a crew member in a few minutes, then the role of a traitor may be more interesting to you. It has fewer special features, so the gamer has to entertain himself on his own. The role of a traitor is suitable for someone who has spent more than one hour in Among Us.

If you have just started your journey, then you better play first as a crew member. This position is much safer for the inexperienced gamer.because his comrades can help him. A beginner who does not know maps and tasks will not be able to track down opponents and competently lie during a discussion. As a result, no one will get an interesting game.

Output: Newcomers are crew members, and oldies are traitors.

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