• September 24, 2023

what’s new and what’s different from the Special Edition

Todd Howard did it again – sold Skyrim once again. On November 11, an updated version was released – the Anniversary Edition. In this article, we will take a look at the main changes and innovations that have been added to Skyrim: Anniversary Edition.

Skyrim anniversary edition

Such update timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the game, who could have imagined in 2011 that Skyrim will not lose popularity even in 2021. Also at a recent press conference, Todd Howard said that they would like to release earlier TES VI, but so far all attention is being paid to Starfield, and the next parts of the Elder Scrolls will still have to wait 2-3 years.

Therefore, for now, we can safely dive into Skyrim and therefore we will understand the main differences between the Anniversary Edition and the Special Edition… Rumor has it that this will be the last official update. By the way, now most of the old modifications will not work correctly, so modders will have to update their creations. Therefore, if “vanilla skyrim” is not for you, then do not rush to buy.

By the way, since we’re talking about the price, the owners of Skyrim: Special Edition are entitled to a discount and they will be able to upgrade for 799 rubles, and for those who have not yet purchased the game, the price will be 1999 rubles.

Saints And Seducers: Hundreds of New Armors, Weapons and Spells

Saints And Seducers DLC with hundreds of new armor, weapons and spells

Skyrim Anniversary Edition boasts more than 500 “gameplay elements”represented by over 70 Creativity Club Mods… The vast majority of added “gameplay elements” are weapons, armor, spells, cosmetics, other equipment and abilities (including various changes in the base game).

Not to mention everything in one article, since we have added whole quest chains to get unique equipment.

Dragonborn as a farmer

Tired of endless adventures and battles against hordes of monsters? Now there is an opportunity to be distracted by own farm, you no longer have to beg in other people’s gardens.Agriculture

You can buy and improve the farm in Whiterun, and a manager is also available to whom you can transfer part of your daily affairs. Livestock raising, beekeeping, stables and even windmills – all this allows you to create your own trading empire.

Fishing and aquarium

fishing in skyrim

Another option for relaxation between battles is fishing. In Game added 20 fish species, special places for fishing on streams, ocean shores, lakes and even underground. You can find them by a special icon on the map – a bucket with bait.fish on the wall skyrim

Sometimes you can catch treasure or a boot (as you are lucky). Some fish are useful not only for cooking, but also in alchemy. If you feel sorry for the “fish” for ingredients, then you can keep it in the aquarium.

We have also introduced a small line of quests, which are issued by Viry’s Redguard. In Riften, an Argonian named Floating-In-Deep-Water will help you improve your fishing skill for a fee.

Quest lines from TES III: Morrowind and TES IV: Oblivion

A bit of nostalgia for real “oldies”. Two new quest lines have been added to the game, which will be appreciated by veterans of the Elder Scrolls.

  1. Ghosts of the Tribunal from Morrowind… Players will have to decide the fate of the cults of the living gods: Almalexia, Sotha Silu and Vivec. It depends only on you to help recover or completely destroy them.
  2. Oblivion’s Mythic Dawn… The Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon will attempt to open the Oblivion Gate. To prevent this from happening, players will have to go through the Ayleid ruins, where you can learn more about the prince’s plans.Oblivion's Mythic Dawn

Survival mode

Hardcore fans and those of the players who were unhappy with the ease of Skyrim will now be pleased. Now I have to get warm clothes, so as not to freeze, and the snowstorm will have to wait out in the shelter.survival in skyrim

In addition, dozens of food units will finally come in handy, since the hero can glue flippers from hunger or fatigue… The Anniversary Edition takes Skyrim exploration to the next level.

Let us know in the comments what you think about this update and will you play it?

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