• February 22, 2024

What’s the best chromatic brawl in Brawl Stars?

With the introduction of the Brawl Pass, a new Brawl rarity has appeared in the game – Chromatic… There are two ways to get them: reaching the maximum level Battle Pass, as well as the usual capture through the chests. Let’s figure it out which chromatic brawl is the best in Brawl Stars, and compare them in terms of effectiveness.

Which is the best chromatic brawl in Brawl Stars

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General Gavs

The first in line with us General Gavs… At first glance, many inexperienced players will find the character downright weak. He does not apply a lot of damage, which automatically reduces its effectiveness in all modes. Another significant drawback is the relatively small amount of healthgeneral gavs brawl stars

Of the advantages, it is worth highlighting fast recharge and incredible useful super… It fires a projectile that deals great damage in an area. However, this is not the end, also a special one falls out of the shell amplifierthat improves the characteristics of a fighter. Use Gavsa when playing with a group of friends, in solo modes it will be rather weak.

To obtain it, you will need to open many chests or purchase a Brawl Pass, and this can only be done with the help of a large number of gems. We recently posted special promo codes for free gems. Follow the link and use a small instruction to get them.


Collet can rightly be called a strong middle peasant who does not stand out in all respects. In terms of speed, health and damage, it has average values in comparison with the rest of the heroes.collet brawl stars

Her ulta allows rush forward a certain distance and then immediately go back. Combined with good attack range Collet well suited for the role of active support. For the title best chromatic brawl she does not pull. Unlike the example above, she does relatively well in solo modes, but she doesn’t have team abilities.


Despite 5 points in the scale “Attack“This robot has rather modest characteristics, and its movement speed is completely one of lowest in the game… His normal attack is a kind of mixture of abilities. Spike and Ginscalculated for the area.volt brawl stars

Everything changes when the player receives an ultimatum ability. The robot jumps up and hits the ground hard. After the first application super he gets a raise to agility, the second use increases range and finally after the third standard hit begins to crush, causing 560 damage for each charge.

In general, Volt is a weak hero and does not have outstanding abilities. Choose it if you are an experienced player, preferably in the “Capture Crystals” mode.


Class “Support»Rarely acts as a strong solo hero and his choice is rather a great addition to various bundles… Fortunately, this does not concern this character much, he may well pretend to be best chromatic brawl… Basic attack Gail allows you to throw six snowballs at once in a straight line, unlike Nits they do not pass through opponents. This makes him extremely useful in any mode, especially if the team has stuns (for example Frank).Gail in brawl stars

His super – This is the release of a sharp stream of air, repelling rivals. The ability is great for salvation companions in trouble or to go to back

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The winner of our list is deservedly Lou… It’s all about its versatility, brawl has a long-range type of shells, an average number of HP and very fast recharge.Lou brawl stars

Unlike others chromatic heroes, blows Lou stack and freeze the target for 1 second (if you fill 7 marks). Ultimate it is designed for a large area and allows you to pour cold syrup, any that gets into the syrup area begins to slide as if on ice.

This is the clarification which chromatic brawl is the best over. Write in the comments if you agree with our top. Tell us how many rare characters you have on your account, and for whom you are only hunting.

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