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where are they, what skills and weapons are stored

Ignoring arks in Rage 2 is a bad idea. These alien bunkers contain some of the finest weapons you can’t otherwise earn. Also, within these libraries, knowledge is stored that allows the hero to receive new super abilities. The character’s skills are so powerful that they can completely abandon the use of a rifle.

At the beginning of the game, the need for arks may seem minimal, because the player is already dealing with most opponents without much difficulty. However, in order to get the most out of the game and be able to take out high-level enemies, the reader should follow the Ark Locating Guide provided.

Ark Junkers Pass

This storage facility is located almost in the center of the Crooked Canyons. The exact location is indicated in the screenshot from the map as a marker.

The player should make his way to the metal structure. As you move towards the intended point, hordes of bandits are often encountered. The first vault is rather weakly protected, because it is intended to familiarize the character with missions to find treasures.

Get in the habit of collecting all the pink chests where the lids are kept and the containers from the ark. This skill will be useful when passing all the arks and their parts. Thus, the amount of resources received will increase significantly, as well as the efficiency from a forced visit to the station.

The reward is the Throw ability. There is indeed a benefit in it, in melee it acts as a stronger and faster attack. A good skill for getting out of enemy encirclement. Another positive feature of the skill is that it destroys the armor of enemies. Thus, you can destroy the “Immortal Shroud” much faster.

Ark of the Trembling Hill (Quake Hill)

It’s easy to miss this place when starting the game. This is all due to the fact that Bethesda directs the hero to the center of the map. In fact, there is another bunker in the same winding canyon, you just need to go to the right side of the location. The Ark is located in a towering building in the southeast of Crooked Canyons.

The peculiarity of the place is that it does not have the usual protection in the form of a mass of fierce enemies. The reward for so much simple travel is the Whirlwind ability. The skill allows the character to lift a group of enemies into the air at the same time and undermine them. The vault also contains money and reputation.

Canyon Cove Ark

The facility is located in the “Canyon Bay” location. This is one of the well-protected arks, there are really many enemies, and they are far from the weakest – 5 difficulty levels. A high degree of protection is quite justified, because a rather valuable skill is located inside.

To get the skill “Defibrillation”, you need to insert your hand into the car, immediately after that a mini-game will start. After its completion, the character gets the opportunity to resurrect himself in case of receiving a fatal blow right in the process of battle.

Ark of the Great Rift

This is a fortified location, you can get into it if you go along the southern path from the “Abandoned Road”. You can navigate by the lair of the bandits “Edge”. According to this landmark, it is already possible to understand that it will not be possible to get treasures from the bunker just like that. We need to prepare for a meeting with an army of enemies.

The marker representing the ark must be on the map at the beginning of the game. It consists of several layers of metal with a huge door. To open it, you need to go around the door on the right and destroy a group of enemies from the back.

The entrance to the ark opens only after the destruction of all the bandits guarding it. After a short exploration of the inner area, the hero gets the “Graviton” skill, it allows you to jump long distances, while staying in the air for a couple of seconds. The skill is useful not only in battles, but also in the moments of exploring difficult areas of the wasteland. This ability is one of the most important in Rage 2.

Spikewind’s Ark

To find the bunker, head straight to the left of the ark found in the Great Rift. He can also be found by heading west from the “Abandoned Road”. There is a place called “Echo of the Guards” nearby. There are a lot of enemies in the crater, but the main one is a giant guard. To destroy it, you should shoot in the forearms (they are illuminated) or blow up the enemy with any explosive weapon. The rest of the troops are destroyed in the same way. It is especially interesting to cut them with the help of the “Whirlwind”. Difficulty level – 6.

Immediately after clearing the area, you can go to the ark and get the “Barrier” ability. The character learns to use an impenetrable energy shield. It successfully protects not only from bullets, but also explosive shells. An excellent skill for protecting against long-range attacks, it allows you to get close to the enemy.

Shroud Vault Ark

Opening the vault will require a little more effort than has been the case in past cases. Firstly, the bunker is located almost in the very corner of the map near the sea. Secondly, to open the doors, you need to take care of the power supply in advance, for this you should visit the nearest substations. The player will have to make long marches into the depths of the reactors.

After getting deep into the substation, you need to use the ability to focus, thus removing the stuck bolts. Next, you need to blow up 3 blue nodes. After completing similar actions in each of the two reactors, you can return to the front door, this time it is not locked. Now enemies are advancing from within that have yet to be defeated.

The reward is a charged energy cannon. It accumulates energy as it fires, and the more charge, the higher the damage to opponents. Just do not let it overheat, periodically leaving it to cool down and everything will be fine. The weapon is easy to master, but invaluable for destroying hordes of enemies.

Ark of the Full Trumpet

The vault is located nearby with a pink skyscraper. This is the first ark to be found in the Secreto Wetlands. He has a strong defense in the form of a ferocious guard. The best winning tactic is to kill the lesser creatures, then take on the main guest. One on one it is not very difficult to destroy with weapons or abilities. Most often, a “whirlwind” is used to destroy it, which allows you to deploy the enemy and gain access to vulnerabilities.

After the victory, you can go to the doors of the ark. Once they are open, the player will be able to find the “sprint” skill inside. Haste is not the best ability in the game, in fact it only allows you to run a little faster through Shift. Considering the enormous size of the wasteland, it is unreasonable to explore the world on “your own two”, even with a “sprint”. The only worthy use of this skill is attacking opponents in fortifications.

Ark of the Raw Catacombs

This is the second and final ark, also located in the Secreto Marshes. The bunker itself attracts attention, as it rises from the mass of swampy houses and is guarded by huge crowds of opponents. To gain access to the ark, you just need to clear the location from the thugs.

Immediately after unlocking the ark, the player receives the Firestorm revolver. It’s a worthy weapon, its bullets explode. You can set fire to bullets at any time with the right mouse button, enemies are burned alive.

Ark of the Globe

The location of the ark is not difficult to find, especially quickly it catches the eye when flying on the Icarus gyrocopter. By the way, the flying device will be very helpful in hunting for arks, it is advisable to get it in advance. If you have a copter, you can land directly on the ark and spill hellfire on the bandits inside the mouth. You can also just go to the gorge and clear it with AOE skills.

As a reward, the character receives the skill “Strike from above”. The name of the ability speaks for itself. The character jumps up and deals a strong blow to the area under the opponents, creating a kinetic explosion (blast wave), which also deals damage. Combined with a double jump, the skill becomes even more powerful. The higher the height the character jumps, the stronger the area damage.

Super Safe Ark

It is located not far from the last ark, you need to go northeast of it and after a few minutes the character will be in the right place. The giant green sign will not allow you to pass by it. Waves of enemies await inside the hero. To pass them faster, you can run through low-level opponents, concentrating all your forces on the main villains.

After unlocking the ark, a smart rocket launcher appears in the arsenal – one of the most useful weapons in the game. It allows you to quickly destroy most bosses, as well as especially strong opponents. The rocket launcher is also useful for hitting flying enemies and high firepower convoys.

Needle Falls Ark

There are trees to the left of the player, and skyscrapers to the right – this is the location of the penultimate ark. It is located in the most difficult region from the point of view of navigation, so it is better to use a flying drone, so the search will become many times faster.

Immediately after visiting the site, enemy ships will begin to drop troops into this area. They need to be destroyed, which will allow you to get a funny weapon “GRaBS Spotykushka”. This is a gravitational machine gun that allows you to attract various objects to each other. You can connect the enemy to the car or vice versa. The more weight an object has, the more shots need to be fired to connect it to another object.

Greenhaven’s Ark

Here is the last ark, located in the same “Wild Lands”, but in the northern region. Here you can meet the greatest resistance, the player is waiting for a cyber crusher – a miniboss with a legion of space mutants.

Upon completion of the reprisal against enemies, a hypergun opens, it pierces through enemies and inflicts huge damage. She can deal with a couple of opponents in one shot. However, due to its increased power, the gun needs a long charge.

That’s it, all the arks in Rage 2 are found along with the weapons and skills hidden in them. With the listed bonuses, the passage of any, even the most difficult locations will become easier and more spectacular. If the gamer has not opened all the bunkers, then we can assume that he has not played Rage 2.

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