• September 24, 2023

Where can I get the green slime for the Fang of Draugr in Valheim?

Green slime (Guck) is rarely used for crafting in Valheim, but it is needed to craft one of the best weapons in the game. It can be found on trees in the swamp biome. When you first find this substance, it is hard to assume that this resin is a resource for crafting. Typically, the slime is secreted high up in the trees, and it might seem like the developers have added it for the characteristic lighting and atmosphere.

This resource is a component for crafting three items: an iron torch with a green glow, a green banner, and a Draugra Fang bow. It will take some preparation to collect this material, because it cannot be knocked out of the bow, as in the case of hives. You will have to stock up on a lot of wood to create a temporary shelter near the slime accumulation in order to have access to the workbench. In addition, you will need an ax and a pickaxe.

For a comfortable collection of green slime, it is recommended to clear the surroundings so that no creatures distract us from our main activity and do not break our buildings. Also, under each tree you need to build a ladder or forests, from which, in fact, you can reach this resource.

In addition to crafting material, green slime is used as fuel for standing iron torches, which can be installed as lighting for the forge. At the same time, slime is a colorant in the manufacture of the Green Banner, which will increase the level of comfort by one. And of course, the main use of slime is to make the best bow for the final stage of the game, allowing the weapon, in addition to its piercing damage, to deal poison damage. The recipes for each of these items are listed below:

  • Iron torch with green glow: 2 glands, 2 mucus.
  • Green banner: 6 Leather Scraps, 2 Quality Wood, 1 Slime.
  • Bow Fang Draugra: 20 Silver, 10 Ancient Bark, 10 Slime, 2 Deer Hide.
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