• December 5, 2023

Where is the best place to spend commemorative coins in WoT?

There are only a few days left until the end of the 10th anniversary event of World of Tanks. During this time, the players have already accumulated quite a lot of commemorative coins and, perhaps, not everyone could still decide on what to spend them.

We remind you that purchases for these coins are available in the game client through the “Store” menu in the uppermost section “Jubilee store”… Several more tabs are available here: “Sets”, “Appearance” and “Rest”. Let’s consider them in order and try to determine what interests us most here.

Accessory sets

Packages are available on the “Sets” tab containing gold and commemorative coins as a bonus. Thus, you do not overpay anything separately for coins. If you still needed a gold or premium account, why not?

anniversary store

Decals and camouflages

In the tab “Appearance” we are waiting for camouflages and decals that can be applied to your vehicles. The price of the latter, of course, is not high, but think about whether it is worth splitting on such little things.

Decals and camouflages

Looks much more interesting purchase of camouflages… After all, in the game they are available only for gold or for rent for silver, which, as you know, is never too much. Here you can get them for coins accumulated in abundance during battles.

There are two types of camouflages: for a certain premium tank for 100 coins and for any vehicle for 150 coins… The latter, the so-called “Topographic”, repeat the pattern of the mini-map in different locations. Moreover, each camouflage contains three seasons – for summer, winter and desert maps.

style "topographic"

As conceived by the developers, this should remind players to look at the minimap more often… There are five types of topographic camouflages available, one for each act of the game event. Unfortunately, not all of them look equally good on different cars.

Judging by the players in the random house, they liked the Mk.II and Mk.V. versions the most.

You saw the latter in the screenshot above, it is quite neutral and looks like a regular camouflage with large spots. And you can see how the poisonous green coloring of the second version of this camouflage looks on the next screen.

Topographic style

If camouflages are of little interest to you, then the following suggestions will certainly be quite useful to any tanker.

Premium tank

In the tab “Rest”If you have enough coins, you can purchase the A46 light British premium tank.

In general, the “Briton” is nothing special, it is quite an ordinary car. Its maximum speed is 60 km / h, and the view of 370 m and the radio range of 450 m do not make it a good firefly, which is often expected from this class of equipment.

He also cannot boast of a gun, the damage and penetration indicators of 105/105 mm will not surprise anyone, and this is with a rather modest DPM of 1500 units / min. Although everything is fine with agility and stabilization, the same premium “Type 64” is more fun to play.

But, if you don’t have a “Chinese”, then “A46” can replace him and bring a certain fan to those who know how to play LT.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect fabulous farming at the sixth level, but he will be able to replenish your treasury with silver a little.


We devoted a separate article to this tank: “Is it worth bathing the A46?”

Personal reserves and instructions

On the same tab, extremely useful ones are available for purchase for only 20 coins. personal reserves “Fast training” and “Fast development”, which provide a good boost to the leveling of the crew and combat experience, respectively.

Personal reserves and instructions

With them, it will be much easier and faster to bring tanks to the top., this is what is definitely worth spending the lion’s share of commemorative coins. But the pre-combat instructions are of dubious value:

  1. Firstly, they act only one battle, and not an hour as personal reserves, so they will fly away almost instantly.
  2. Secondly, the bonus they give is hardly tangible. You are just wasting your coins.

But if you are in complete order with your reserves, many of them have accumulated after the battle pass and other events, then you can take pre-battle instructions if you want to add efficiency or take 3 marks. It’s better to spend commemorative coins than coupons.

We hope that our small guide will help you make the right choice. Good luck in your battles!

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