• February 20, 2024

Where is the Treasure at Bard’s Crossroads in Red Dead Online?

One of the most fun and rewarding activities in Red Dead Online is treasure hunting. The treasure hunt system in RDO is very similar to RDR 2 (the story version of the game). The main difference is the indication not of the location of the treasure, but of the location. We’ll have to look for a treasure chest all over the area. To find the treasure, you first need to find a map indicating the location of the treasure. If you go to the indicated place without a map, you will not find the treasure there.

In Red Dead Online, there are dozens of treasure maps and the treasures themselves, but one of the first maps that the player comes across is the treasure at the crossroads of the bard. Bard’s Crossing is marked on the map. The process of searching for a treasure itself is a check of the entire location in search of treasure, but the crossroads are quite large. There is no need to spend a lot of time searching, usually the treasure is located in one of three points.

How do I get a treasure map at Bard’s Crossing?

The first step is to get this card. Fortunately, it is the most accessible of all and is sent to all players in the mail after reaching level 10. The reward can be obtained either at your own camp or at the nearest post office. As soon as it is in the inventory, it is worth opening the scroll. On the map, the area where the desired loot is located will immediately be highlighted in yellow.

Treasure locations

When the card is in hand, and it has been studied, it is time to go to the cherished place. Standing at the intersection, you should go to explore the following points, where chests with jewels are often located:

  • Go in the direction of the “Eagle Eye” (more precisely in the image). The location is relatively open, so it is not difficult to find the treasure if it is here;
  • The point is located on the opposite side of the area, which can be seen in the screenshot below. When approaching the treasure, it is better to use the Eagle Eye skill;
  • The last of the found points is located on the shore, near a fallen tree.

These are not the only locations for the treasure, sometimes unexpected loot spawns are found. If you could not find a treasure in one of the places, you will have to study the entire intersection and listen to the vibration. The closer the treasure gets, the more the joystick vibrates.

What kind of treasure?

The contents of the treasure are of no less interest. It is standard and includes:

  • $ 112;
  • 0.65 gold bars;
  • 5 regular rifle clips
  • elixir “Open miracle”.

Treasure is a great way to get rich in RDO, but you need to get a map to start finding them. Treasure maps are often found in the inventory of slain gang commanders scattered across the map.

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