• November 29, 2023

Where to find 8 pumpkins in the Cursed Castle

The Cursed Castle location in Fortnite hides some of the secrets surrounding the Halloween celebration. In particular, one of the challenges called “Pumpkin Hunt” invites players to find eight pumpkin lanterns hidden throughout the castle. Below is a guide to help you complete this task quickly.

Pumpkin # 1

To get the first pumpkin, jump down the well to the right of the fence where you spawn. Walk a short distance along the tunnel and you will find her on the left.

Pumpkin # 2

Continue down the tunnel until you reach the stairs. Climb to the end and you will come to a door that opens on its own. Without going outside, keep going up and you will be in a room. On the right, behind furniture and ghosts, you will find the next pumpkin.

Pumpkin # 3

Activate the “Back to Hub” option, this will take you back to the starting point of the spawn, then turn around and head towards the eerie gate behind you. Going down the stairs to the right, you will find a cemetery. There is one grave that looks like a concrete slab. Break it and take the dungeon key. Go back through the gate right next to the building, then go right, up the steps. After the next turn to the right, you will find yourself in a locked chamber with a pumpkin inside. Use the key to open the cell and take the pumpkin.

Pumpkin # 4

Go to the large building on the left side of the location. You will see a circle on the ground, and if you stand on it, it will start to glow. A message will appear prompting you to “Perform the ritual”, so activate any emotion, and then the wall at the back of the room will disappear. Climb the stairs, then go through the broken wall and jump down to the roof, where you can grab the next pumpkin.

Pumpkin # 5

From the rooftop, look to the right and you will see an illuminated monument in the distance. Go to the monument to find the next pumpkin hidden behind it.

Pumpkin # 6

From the previous location, walk in a straight line to the right side of the map and you will find the next pumpkin on top of a tall pole. You will need to follow the pillars to the left of it and then jump over them to get to it.

Pumpkin #7

From the spawn site, go through the gap on the left, then past two portals and enter the doorway. The pumpkin will be right there on the right side.

Pumpkin # 8

You will find the last pumpkin following a similar path, but only on the right side of the location.

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