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where to find all 9 containers with abilities

At first glance, Carrion may seem like a completely uncomplicated toy, in which all you need is to destroy and kill. Nevertheless, this is really only at first glance …

Players take control of a tentacle-shaped monster that desperately tries to escape the secret research / military complex, killing and eating everyone in its path along the way. Endless bloodshed awaits you, but also a whole bunch of interesting puzzles with switches and all kinds of partitions that help to greatly diversify the gameplay.

You can spit on most of the jigsaw puzzles in Carrion and give yourself one challenge: get out. However, you definitely do not want to do this, because in that case, you are depriving yourself and your cute monster of many useful improvements. In today’s Carrion guide, we’ll show you where to find nine improvements (containers) for Mr. Macaroni.

Where can I find Upgrade Crates in Carrion?

Monster upgrades are obtained from special containers with DNA. Each of these containers contains a useful ability, for example, an additional claw, the ability to transform into worms under water, become invisible, shoot cobwebs, and much, much more.

Be aware that you do not need to collect all the containers to go through Carrion to the very end, but they will make your monster much stronger and it will be much easier to survive some encounters with especially dangerous opponents. Plus Carrion is a rather short toy that only gets shorter without going through the optional puzzles. In general, we strongly recommend trying to beat the game at 100% in order to squeeze the maximum content out of it.

Arrangement of containers with abilities

There are about nine containers scattered around the world of Carrion. It is easy to distinguish such a container by the biohazard symbol. But it is not possible to find each of them right away: to get to some of them, you first need to get one or another ability. That’s right, Carrion is a metroidvania game that is hard to guess from the trailers alone.

You can safely move around the research complex and return to the already visited locations to make your way to new places. Minus – you don’t have a card. Generally. Therefore, try to remember where you are and in which direction you need to move. Players believe that the developers may add a map to Carrion in the future, but we would not count on that.

Container No. 1

The very first container players will be able to find at the location “Military Junkyard” (dump of military equipment). Fortunately, this is an open location that cannot be missed. Move along this level until you run into a glowing symbol and enter the doors. There is no need to solve any puzzle for this container – we take the ability for free.

Container No. 2

The second container is located in the “Frontier” location. Follow the level until you come across the entrance to the BSL-4 Research Ward (BSL-4 laboratories), then turn right. There you will see a pipe through which you can go to another level. If you look below, you will see a glowing symbol covered by a wooden partition. To get rid of this partition, first you need to increase the average mass, which will give you the opportunity to make jerks in one direction or another. As in the previous case, no puzzles.

Container No. 3

Location – inside the location “Uranium Mines” (uranium mines). Go through the level until you come across a glowing symbol on the right side of the map. You will again need to break through the wooden barriers. In addition, you need the ability to transform into worms in order to get through the obstacle to the pipe, which will take you to another part of the level to your first puzzle.

The container will be located at the bottom of the screen behind a closed door. You will press a switch near you, which will open the doors, but also activate green lasers that will close the doors again if you hit them. We discard excess biomass from our monster and return to the first level, where the invisibility ability is available. We charge from the nearest generator and cross the green lasers while being invisible.

Here’s a little hint: if you don’t move, invisibility energy is practically not expended. Second tip: you can recharge from the generator using the web. Puzzle solution: we become invisible, move through the lasers and recharge ourselves with cobwebs from the generator through small cracks in the walls. After passing the last laser, you will see a container – take the ability.

Container No. 4

The next container will be located at Botanical Gardens. A large enough location, at the top of which you can find a save point. You need to go to a room just above this save point. As soon as you get into this room, go down several floors below and find an area with a glowing symbol on the left side of the map. Swim under the grate (requires the worm ability) and take control of the soldier next to the switch.

Activate the switch with the help of the soldier, and then head to the next room, grabbing the previously captured soldier with you. Go to the next closed door at the very bottom of the level. Take control of the same soldier again and climb the stairs with the next switch. We activate the switch, go out the door and take the container.

Container No. 5

Leviathan Reef Base is the location where you can find the fifth container. After you get the ability to turn into worms, go not up, but to the right side of the level. You will stumble upon a barricade that can only be destroyed at the third level of biomass. Next, you will see a glowing symbol, as well as a generator from which you can recharge your abilities – be sure to do it!

Continue right until you come across the Javelin (explosives). Reduce the damage from explosives with your shield ability and move on. Go through the pipe and click on the switch in front of you, after which the door will open, behind which you can find another generator – replenish energy! We press on the next switch, then we move to the left, we close ourselves with a shield from explosives, take away the container and leave.

Container No. 6

The next destination is Relith Science HQ. Once you reach the exit from the level, go down to the water below and move to the very right side. Here you will find yourself in a small pool with a barrier, which can be destroyed by the abilities of the third level of biomass. After destroying the barrier, shed those extra pounds down to the first level. Moving further down the level, you will stumble upon a glowing symbol.

After entering the puzzle area, you will have to go down and open the door, then press the switch to activate the laser. Next, go past the laser using the invisibility ability and activate the next switch. Now we go back and take away the previously discarded biomass, after which we discard it again, but only in the pool below. Sneak past the laser again and press the switch, which will allow you to go back for your biomass and finally make your way to the container with DNA.

Container No. 7

The seventh (on our list) container can be found in the “Nuclear Power Plant” location. Once you get to the turret room, go to the exit in the upper right corner. There you will find a small pool with water, and at the very bottom there is a save point. Next, you must stumble upon a pipe, which can be accessed using the tentacles-harpoons on the third level of biomass.

Once you go through the pipe, you will have to defend yourself with the shield’s ability from explosives. Then you need to go to the corner of the map and discard your biomass right up to the first level, and then go to the next room. Next, press the switch and go past the laser using invisibility. Then you can take control of the guard, go next to the “Javelin” and blow up the corresponding wall, behind which the container you need will stand.

Container No. 8

The eighth DNA container can be found in a location called the “Armored Warfare Facility”. Compared to other containers, this is extremely easy to reach. You need to go to the right of the exit from the location, where you will find the entrance to the room with the container. No puzzle – open the container and take the precious DNA.

Container No. 9

So we got to the last, ninth container in our guide. This container is located on the territory of the location “Bunker” (bunker). Immediately after the first save point, you will need to enter the doors, above which the same glowing diamond will be lit. These doors are right in the middle of the location. Again, you don’t need to solve any puzzle.

Carrion is an extremely addicting, but not perfect toy. The lack of a map is damn disappointing, however, given the short duration, you can complete this game 100% in about 6-7 hours.

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