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Where to find all the Hunter armor pieces in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The Hunter Armor Set works best for those who choose the Path of the Wolf. When collecting two or more pieces, you get a bonus in the form of increased damage when hitting enemies in ranged combat, at a distance of 20 meters. A full set of armor increases the movement speed of your character. There are five parts of the hunter’s armor in total, which are hidden in caches throughout the game world. Our guide will help you find each of the kit items.

Hunter Armor (Chest)

The Hunter Armor, a chestpiece of a set of armor, is located in the center of Ravensburg Village in Granthebridgeshire. The location is located in the southwestern part of the map, south of Vendry and Meldebourne, next to the fast travel point. Ravensburg is heavily guarded, so you’ll have to be careful if you want to sneak in unnoticed. An armor chest will be inside one of the circular huts at the top of the fort.

Hunter Pants

The Hunter’s Pants are hidden in Soham’s Hideout, you can find this location in Granthebridgeshire. The armor is located in a large building near the center of the hideout, which makes it one of the easiest to obtain armor pieces in this set.

Hunter’s Cloak

The Hunter’s Cloak is kept in the northern part of Templeborough Keep. As in many other locations, you can either raid the fort or sneak in stealthily (it is best to choose the path from the side of the river). The difficulty lies in the fact that here it is not at all as easy to reach the goal as in the previous case. To pick up the cloak, you need to climb up the building, knock down the large wooden load on the left side of the upper room and then jump to the lower floor where the chest is.

Hunter Helmet

The Hunter’s Helmet is located in Tonnastadir Fortress, in the western part of Leicestershire, just south of Fast Travel. When you find yourself inside, the first thing you need to do is sneak into the longest house of the location, where there is a key on the table among the scrolls. Use Odin’s Gaze to find him. The key is located closer to the back of the building, and you need it to open the locked back door that blocks access to the armor. Once you get the key, go to the southern part of Tonnastadir, and there you will see an entrance with three guards in front of it. Having removed the protection, use the key and go into the secret passage. The helmet will be in the chest at the end of the passage.

Hunter’s Bracers

The Hunter’s Plate Bracers are hidden in a cave to the northwest of the Bezunken Tor tower, which is located in the western part of Grentebridgeshire. When you arrive, look for a waterfall. You need to go behind it and then dive into the pool of water in the center of the cave. Swim underwater until you reach a secret location. At the back of this second cave, you’ll find a chest with bracers at the bottom.

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