• July 1, 2022

Where to find and how to tame the Lox in Valheim?

After visiting the biomes of the Black Forest, Meadows, Swamps and Mountains and taming the wild boars and wolves, it will be the turn of the Plains. Here you can meet giant creatures – Bikosaurs, which are a mixture of buffaloes and dinosaurs. As a rule, they are grouped in small herds and are aggressive towards the player, so you should be careful – a couple of jabs from these creatures will lead to death.

Also, as in the case of the taming of wild boars and wolves, you will need to build an appropriate size pen and prepare the groundbait. Bykosaurs are powerful enough, so an aviary to hold them must be made of stone. After the construction of the mini-fortress, you should leave one fragment of the wall unfinished in order to lure the animal through it. For bait, barley is best suited, you need to stock up on the right amount in advance.

At the same time, a staircase can be built on the opposite side of the entrance in order to quickly get out and complete the last section of the wall. Tamed loxes behave a lot like wild boars and can be bred for meat, which is a great source of health and stamina. Their skins can be useful for making carpets and capes.

Bait and taming Bycosaurs

Luring the Bykosaurus into the aviary can be quite challenging. It is necessary to attract a lonely monster or, having a well-pumped stealth, aggro one of the herd. Then we run as fast as we can into the corral, dodging the animal’s attempts to kick us. You can also try to bait the animal more carefully, leaving enough barley in the bait, and expecting the bull to enter on its own. This option may take several days.

After capturing a giant, as in the case of wolves, it is necessary to leave the enclosure for a long distance so that the monster can eat calmly and not become aggressive at the sight of the player. Once the taming percentage reaches 100, the bull will become character-friendly. When you catch and bait the second creature, you can put them in one pen and breed the herd. Thus, it is realistic to have a constant supply of meat and skins of a bullfinch for cooking and making various items.

Earn points and exchange them for valuable prizes – details

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