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where to get 12 hunter masks and ivory keys

The Division 2 is rich in collectibles that players love to collect. One of the collections is the secret hunter masks. To get all 12 masks, you will have to find and fight with the same number of hunters to whom they belong.

Preparing for a Successful Hunt

There are several conditions for starting a collection.

  • You need to collect items almost always at night, because hunters hunt in the dark. The only exception is the demon mask.
  • The required character level must be at least 30. Opponents are predominantly level 35, to feel comfortable in the fight against them level 30 will be enough.
  • Clear the area in advance from enemy patrols. Hunters are cunning and secretive, they do not appear if there is suspicious activity in the area.

The owners of the masks move around, so to find them, you need to be guided by changes in the musical accompaniment. You can also determine their location by the flash on the radar or through the statistics in the user interface.

What is an ivory key and why is it needed?

There is a chance the hunters will drop an ivory key. This item gives a cipher, the solution of which will allow the hunter to spawn. The chance of falling out is not that very high, but during the collection of masks, the key appears in about 75% of cases. It is next to the mask. If the key did not fall out of the first hunter, it’s okay – there are 11 more ways to get these items.

After completing the collection of masks, you need to return to the White House to your own base of operations and go to the bunk beds. A man will sleep in the right corner, and next to him is a weapon box. You will need 8 ivory keys to open the chest.

Box contents:

  • unique assault rifle F2000;
  • white weapon skin;
  • a small trophy – a hunter’s ax, which is hung on a backpack.

Important! If during the time of killing the hunters, a sufficient number of keys have not dropped, they can be obtained by helping friends. Cooperation with friends allows you to go hunting for hunters even at 25 levels, but in this case, the company is a must.

Locations of all Secret Hunter Masks in The Division 2

After a short theoretical course and preparation, it’s time to go hunting.

Ghost and ghost masks

To get them, you should use the control point located near the Washington Monument. Immediately after reaching the indicated place, you should go to the elevator shaft. The player will see a large room with a small monitor. The screen needs to be turned on, it is located next to the place where the player previously found the Bill of Rights. After activating the monitor, 3 points appear on the map.

The event is only available after 19:00 in-game time. You can use Photo Mode to determine the current time.

By coordinates, you need to visit all the points, as it turns out – these are graves. Each of them should be honored by choosing the “Greetings” emote. Each time you greet the grave, static screen noise will appear, indicating the successful completion of the quest stage.

Where to look for graves:

  • The first is located near the control point southeast of it. If you go from the Washington Monument, then you should go to the northwest. The subject of the search is a container, next to it there is a pile of earth, which is a grave.
  • Grave number two is located not far – to the northeast of the monument. The exact location is indicated on the map, the tomb is located slightly to the side of the main road.
  • The last burial in the southwest of the monument. We’ll have to walk along the trails around Washington, paying attention to the thickets. Next to and is a grave.

After saluting all the graves, you need to return to the control point. A large orange dot appears on the minimap. From this place you should head west. Having rested on the sign “missing”, turn right. Here then there will be a crane with a hunter, who are sitting on a cargo container. One accurate shot will allow the player to acquire the coveted mask. If the player misses, you can boot from the previous checkpoint and try again.

The Ghost Mask can be obtained north of the monument. The hunter usually lives on the roof. Killing him will grant the second mask from the set.

Undead and Midas masks

To find both masks, you should go to the West End. There is a semicircular building near the coast, it will definitely attract attention with its bizarre shape. There is a partially dried up pool in the courtyard of the building, and you need to go into it. Turning the screen toward the numbers and using Jump in Place is one of the standard emotes. This action summons two hunters at the same time. Killing them allows you to get 2 masks at once.

Ghoul mask

You need to go to the lower left corner of the map. There is a cache not far from the Lincoln Memorial. Then you should go down to the sewer entrance, the tunnels themselves will lead to the right place – the roof with a laptop. After activating the computer, a light comes on, which illuminates the card on the wall.

Go to the reservoir next to the monument in search of the illuminated forest. It is best to take a seat on one of the observation towers. In the thickets, you will be able to make out a flickering light bulb, at which you need to shoot aimingly. As soon as the light bulb is broken, smoke will appear around, and a hunter will appear in it. Killing a nimble level 35 enemy is not an easy task, but a feasible one. As a reward, the player receives a ghoul mask.

Spirit mask

Now you need to go to the eastern corner of the map, the hunter is located below the city, more precisely – to the south-west of it. There is a memorial wall on Capitol Hill, on which the names are inscribed. You can find a wall by a small glow around it. Being near the designated place, you need to shoot through the lantern located behind the fountain and greet the deceased soldiers. Completion of these actions causes the hunter to appear. After defeating him, a spirit mask falls out.

Scarlet mask

Another mask, along with the hunter, is located west of the Square of Justice. To get it, you have to run. Next to the citadel, you need to go to the courtyard and stand in its center. The player will see a wall with two door openings on one side and another opening on the other wall. You need to go to the first passage and find a laptop in the room. Now you should go to the other side of the yard and start interacting with the phone. A lot of smoke will appear at the exit, and in it is a hunter with a scarlet mask.

Tambourine, cross masks and phantom, death masks

These collectibles are more difficult to obtain than others, as you will have to fight four hunters at once. If there is a sufficient level and equipment, you can kill opponents yourself, although it will not be easy. In order not to ruffle your nerves, it is better to ask your friends for help.

As soon as the player is ready to meet the hunters, you need to go north from the control point, there will be a park with a tree in the center. The desired location is marked in the screenshot.

There is a cafe here, which you need to visit and activate the lever behind the bar. The action will only work at night. Having pressed the lever, you need to go outside and start running around the tree in the direction of the clockwise movement. The round dance attracts three hunters to the holiday. Another enemy may remain outside. When leaving the park, you can see a hunter sitting by the fence. His death will grant a phantom mask.

Demon mask

The last mask is located in a shopping center – in East Downtown. There is a commercial building next to the theater. Inside you need to go down the escalator and climb up to a small platform covered with grass. It can be recognized by two boulders. From here you can see the windows on the other side with targets on them. You need to shoot all the target from top to bottom, after which a hunter with the last mask will appear.

This completes the collection of the collection, as a reward is a box on its own operational base. Assuming you have collected 8 ivory keys, of course. The exciting mask hunt has come to an end, but The Division 2 is still a long way off.

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