• September 28, 2023

Where to get an explosive golf ball in Hitman 3?

After the first passage of each level, alternative options and additional tasks are opened. These can include killing a target in a certain way, manipulating events to force the NPC to perform some action, or finding and using a special device to destroy the object in an original way.

How to get an explosive golf ball in Hitman 3

For completing such tests, more experience is given to increase the level of mastery. One of the tasks of this type is the “Angry Bird” quest in Dubai, in which you need to eliminate Karl Ingram. The Providence leader should plant an explosive ball and convince him to hit it.

How to get an explosive golf ball in Hitman 3

The game offers two possible ways to reach the golf ball. One of them is to just accidentally find it while exploring a building. The second is to purposefully follow him. The golf ball is on the third floor, in a locked storage room at the end of the hallway. To get into this room unnoticed, you need to change into the uniform of the staff or the penthouse guard.

In this form, you need to distract or stun the woman in the hallway. She will be talking about an exploding golf ball on her cell phone. She has a key to the pantry. Alternatively, the door can be broken open with a regular crowbar. The ball itself is behind the red box.

Exploding golf ball in Hitman 3

When using a crowbar, you need to go up to the 4th floor, disguised as a guard, and then go to an open area from the courtyard side, with a small golf course. There is a staircase from the terrace, which leads directly to the storage room.

The explosive ball should be placed in a bucket with other golf items on the lawn. Then you need to find a way to get Ingram to come out and start practicing your strikes. In the end, he will use the explosive ball and will be eliminated, and the task will be counted as completed. It is worth noting that this item is unlocked at the 10th mastery level, it can be added to the rest without any problems, completing the mission even faster.

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