• September 24, 2023

Where to get the Chug Cannon in Fortnite?

Fortnite has launched the 5th season of the second chapter, which, in addition to many innovations, has added an NPC to the map that offers interesting tasks, weapons and equipment. These characters are scattered throughout the territory and have unique offerings, so each one is worth a visit.

In particular, Anesthesia can sell the Cannon for 600 gold, which has similar properties to the Bandage Bazooka. It is allowed to be used both on yourself and on allies in order to restore shields and health. This weapon also has unlimited ammo that reloads over time, making it one of the most useful items, especially in duos or squads.

The only drawback of Chug Cannon is that it takes up two slots in the player’s inventory and it takes about 20 seconds to completely change the store. Nonetheless, the Pole Cannon is just what you need for a good heal, considering its cost.

Where is the Violent Cannon

Where is Anesthesia

Chug Cannon sells Anesthesia, which can be found in two different locations. Players who completed the Jungle Hunter quest have already met her before. And for those who didn’t complete the challenge, the map below shows both locations. She can be found on a hill northeast of Pleasant Park, where she walks the Rocky Cliffs.

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