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Where to insert and what cheat codes are there in Red Dead Redemption 2?

The gaming company Rockstar Games is one of the few that officially adds cheat codes to games. This trend is gradually disappearing in modern games. Developers either do not consider it necessary to spend time on this, or they are simply trying to avoid various bugs. In Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2, the cheat system resembles GTA V, but is still implemented in a slightly different way.

Where is the cheat panel?

To have fun using cheats, you first need to find the panel where you need to enter them. It is implemented directly in the game menu and becomes available after clicking on the triangle (relevant for the PS4 controller). At the same time, on Xbox One, the feature is implemented using the Y button in the settings. After these actions, a window opens where you can activate or deactivate codes.

A message will be shown in the game about the activation of the cheat code. It indicates the action that occurred due to the input of the code. All cheats are saved with the game, they no longer have to be re-entered, only activated or deactivated.

Requirements for activating cheats

The game has 2 groups of cheats:

  • without conditions. They can be turned on at any stage of the game. They do not make any requirements for their work;
  • with certain requirements. Not all cheats are as easy to activate as the previous group. For many of them, conditions must be met. The main requirement is to have a suitable newspaper in the backpack. If there is no newspaper in your inventory, the cheat will not work. When re-enabling the code, the newspaper is not needed. Cheat codes are written right in the newspapers, only they need to be seen in the text of the article. Usually the emphasis is on them.

Is it possible to save and get trophies

If Rockstar made it possible to get achievements with cheat codes, the best trophies would be readily available. In order not to imbalance the game and preserve the value of achievements, trophies are not awarded when playing with cheats. The passage of the story is also blocked, that is, it will not be possible to save progress. The codes are just for fun.

What are the cheat codes and their description?

To date, not all cheat codes available in the game are known. About 10 codes have not yet been found and published on the Internet. However, most of the codes are already known.

Cheat code What newspapers are needed? Reaction
Abundance is the dullest desire No. 27 Unlimited Ammo
A simple life, a beautiful death Conventional weapon
Greed is American Virtue After the task “Advertising. New American Art “ Gives heavy weapons
Death is silence Silent Killing Weapon Kit
You long for sight and see nothing “Blood feud, ancient and modern” Shows all map elements
Vanity. All is vanity Opens all costumes
Share Upgrades the camp as much as possible and clogs it with supplies
Virtue Unearned is not virtue Urban Pleasures Increases honor
Balance. All is balance Resets Honor
The lucky be strong evermore After Chapter 5 Endless endurance
I shall be better Dead Eye 3-lvl
I seek and I find Dead Eye 5-lvl
You flourish before you die Hero healing and recovery
Better than my dog Calls a horse from any distance
A fool on command Instant intoxication
Run! Run! Run! Hound horse
My kingdom is a horse Increases horse confidence
You are a beast built for war Epilogue War horse
Keep your dreams simple Horse carriage
Would you be happier as a clown? “ Epilogue Traveling circus carriage
You want punishment Increases Sheriff’s Generosity
You want freedom Reduces the cost of a hero’s head
You want more than you have Arab hound
You want something new Random horse
Keep your dreams light Cart and horse
Eat of Knowledge Learning all crafting recipes

As cheats are found in newspapers, the list of cheat codes will be updated.

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