• October 3, 2023

Which branch is better to pump in May? Action “Into battle!”

The most relevant and interesting in terms of gameplay and performance characteristics. Choosing the best branch to roll out this month.

Hello tankers! Wotpack is with you and the May action is on the agenda “To battle!” in World of Tanks. Unlike April, in May the promotion will last until the end of the month, so there will be plenty of time. As always, we are waiting for combat missions and discounts for three branches:


We have prepared a brief overview of each of the branches with small conclusions about whether it is worth downloading now and how relevant they are in the random.

Let’s start with the French ST. The way to them lies through light tanks, in which not everyone can, as they say. Armor penetration is weak, gun stabilization is poor, maneuverability and dynamics are average, but all have a drum for loading shells and a high stealth coefficient… True, for the latter they pay off with the complete absence of armor, land mines fly into the fullku and modules or crew members are often critized.

If you charge the gold, then on these drums you can pretty much fancier, only level 7 is weak there.

If you are not confused by all this, then at level 9, the transition to the secondary medium tanks, led by Bat.-Châtillon 25 t. it most popular level 10 CT, just last month it was held 49,585,340 fights… This suggests, at least, that most of the veterans of the game have already deflated it. Therefore, we will rather answer beginners whether it is worth downloading it:

  • good mobility and excellent camouflage;
  • the drum for 1950 damage units captivates, but it is problematic to implement it.

For the current randomness, Batchat has too many flaws. If you choose between tanks with a shell loading drum, it is better to leave your choice on the Czechoslovakian or Italian ST.

Swedish medium tanks look interesting. Captivates from level 8 best stealth among classmates and availability of hydropneumatic suspension… Given these advantages, they can fire from the most unexpected positions for the enemy. Also will appreciate the large large one-time damage.

But all the advantages are partially nullified due to tangible disadvantages. Disguise is of little use, since shells have a low flight speed and weak armor penetration, so sniping like Leopard 1 will not work, you need to stick to the average distance + low visibility… The hull is weakly protected and burns from penetration into the forehead (tanks in front), and UVN from the sides -6 °.

Download only if you like to play on the CT like a tank destroyer. The gameplay is very specific, but due to the alpha, you can keep a decent environment. Unlike the top French ST, UDES 15/16. In terms of popularity, it took second place in April, but from the end. Less fights are played only on the Soviet K-91.

So we come to the most interesting branch – Polish bands. It starts with medium tanks, and at the 7th level goes to heavy ones. Up to level 8, they do not stand out in any way, just passing vehicles. Beginning with 53TP Markowskiego strong sides of the top of this branch are formed: large one-time damage and a strong tower.

60TP Lewandowskiego combines all the best from IS-4 and E-100, so many players like it. Playable comfortably from 750 alpha, but is picky about the presence of gold shells, since the base shells have little penetration. On the other hand, some players do not bother and charge land mines, which also do good damage. At the moment it is one of the best pumped strands: 2555 average damage and damage rate of 54.75% in April.

Therefore, we recommend that you first of all pay attention to this particular branch. Well, those who have already pumped out 60TP for a long time, it is quite possible that under the influx of new players they will be able to finish off 3 marks.

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