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Which character from Dragon Age Inquisition: is your zodiac sign right for you?

In the third part of the game there are many colorful heroes with whom you can compare yourself. And the signs of the zodiac will help in this. We will help you find out which of these expressive personalities will be your ideal reflection in the virtual world.

Dragon Age characters by zodiac sign

Everyone has heard about predictions based on astrology. Some believe this, while others deny the correlation of stars in the sky with human destiny. However, zodiac signs have taken root in pop culture, including video games.

Dragon age full of bright and memorable personalities, each of which has its own story, motivation, purpose and character. Thanks to this, any character can be correlate with a specific astrological sign.

Solas – Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Solas - Aquarius

Thoughtfulness, mystery, curiosity, wisdom and intelligence are just a few of the similarities between Solas and Aquarius. This character wants to understand absolutely everythingthat surrounds him, conducting deep and long research.

He does not divide the world into black and white, just as he does not divide things into good and bad. The elf perfectly adapts to any environment and natural changes. It is obvious one of the most mystical and magical heroes in the game.

Solas fits harmoniously into any company, observing others and studying personalities at a deep level that only he can understand.

Dorian Pavus – Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Dorian Pavus - Pisces

Dorian Pavus relies on his experience and intuition, thanks to which he understands the real structure of the world. His principle of thinking can be described as abstract, focused more on the future than on the present. At times the magician loses touch with reality, falling into a deep brooding state between sleep and reality.

There are moments in which Dorian behaves very naively, nevertheless, he consciously builds his image and personality, avoiding stereotypes in every possible way. No wonder the magician negatively treats any rumors… The real face of the Tevinter is manifested in evasive and witty humor, you just need to read between the lines.

Just like Pisces, Dorian prefers to make decisions based on logical conclusions. Having a fantastic memory, he can memorize the smallest details in people during conversations and fleeting meetings.

Josephine Montilier – Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Josephine Montilier - Aries

Josephine prefers to rely on gut rather than feelings. She is cheerful and kind, likes to openly voice his thoughts and emotions. In turn, the assistant is always ready to listen and understand.

Like any Aries, Ms Montilier is extremely stubborn, has clear moral guidelines for right and wrong, and does not even notice those who want to convince her. She can be described as observant, diplomatic, sociable and determined person. Completely devoting herself to her work tirelessly, she makes it something more and really meaningful for herself.

Cassandra Pentagast – Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Cassandra Pentagast - Taurus

Cassandra has a harsh character, so she rarely gives vent to emotions. She is sharp, purposeful and always tries to make fair decisions… If you take the right approach to her, Lady Pentagast will become a serious asset and a powerful ally.

The warrior prefers to make decisions quickly, choosing practical and effective methods.

Just like a Taurus, she is quite down-to-earth and doesn’t hang in the clouds. Cassandra does not like to stir up the past, concentrating on the present and the future. In her battle there will never be doubts about her actions, but sometimes she can regret the results of some events (if in the end they turned out to be negative).

Varric Tetras – Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Varric Tetras - Gemini

The narrator and soul of the party, Varric Tetras is extremely similar to Gemini. This adventurous character loves the sound of his voice, and those around him do not mind listen to interesting stories from this storyteller. His charismatic way of expressing himself captivates everyone, and listeners want more and more stories.

Varric can influence anyone, be it a commoner or a noble lord.

The gnome has a specific attitude towards everything. Sometimes he turns out to be wrong, which is why he gets very annoyed. Tetras able to empathize, support and guide others on the right path.

Leliana – Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Leliana - Cancer

Leliana is a pure strategist and tactician. Like most Cancers, she can view any situation like on a chessboard, connecting dots and exploring all kinds of outcomes that no one else will notice.

This character is characterized by deep empathy, especially in relation to close people. She also has high social skills, thanks to which an intelligent girl sees the true essence of others.

Despite the fact that Leliana makes decisions with lightning speed, they almost always turn out to be true… All this thanks to a pragmatic, smart, subtle and logical approach.

Florianne de Chalon – Leo (23 July – 22 August)

Florianne de Chalon - Leo

A sign as powerful as Leo cannot be associated with anyone other than Florianne de Chalon. Like Leo, she always looks great, paying a lot of attention to appearance. Due to her superficial attitude, she rarely sees what is hidden under the tinsel of the characters’ images, preferring to judge people by open and direct actions. Wherein the duchess is smart and logical, easily copes with even the most serious problems.

Florianne is accustomed to relying on facts, being a methodical and accurate person. One of its main goals is to make the world even a little better. Perhaps such a mission seems impracticable, but the Duchess is extremely determined in this matter.

Instead of words, actions speak for her, and with them she shows that she cares very much about her loved ones (although at first impression you cannot say so).

Cole – Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Cole - Virgo

Cole’s the widest range of emotions among the characters in Dragon Age. At first glance, he may seem gentle and fragile, but in fact, this hero is capable of much for the sake of protecting others. In pursuit of justice, the dodger acquired well-established concepts and values ​​in life that perfectly characterize him.

Cole takes everything literally.unable to recognize sarcasm or pun. Thanks to his excellent imagination, he can describe in detail all his visions and thoughts.

Rather than relying on logic, Cole trusts feelings and intuition. Both, they usually do not let him down.

Vivienne – Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Vivienne - Libra

Vivien prefers to control everything around and does it effectively. She makes a significant effort to improve many things and aspects, even if they are already working well. Success and achievement of the required results for her above all else. Just like Solas, Vivienne loves to study various abstract phenomena and mysticism. But before judging anything as otherworldly or magical, she will first conduct a deep analysis.

The sorceress is capable in the blink of an eye connect facts and draw an often correct conclusion… Vivienne is a versatile person who can simultaneously talk about the past and make plans for the future.

Vivienne also loves luxury and fashion, which is clearly evidenced by her appearance.

This character is certainly very determined and rational, with a strong character and a detached opinion. That is why her own opinion is above all for her, which, given the experience and knowledge, is quite rational.

Blackwall – Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Blackwall - Scorpio

Blackwall is a man of instinct. He is very intuitive and knows how to manage the feelings of others, harmoniously adjusting to the mood and personality of each. He also has a variety of craft hobbies that make him a true resident of Thedas.

The formidable warrior pays great attention to detail, and deeply analyzes even himself. And although it sometimes seems that Blackwall is insecure, he himself clearly understands who he is and what he wants from life

Like any Scorpio, he trusts his feelings, relying on them in making decisions. But since reality is cruel Blackwall tries to stay sane even in the most emotional moments.

Sera – Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Sera - Sagittarius

Sera is one of the most controversial characters in Dragon Age. Some players adore it, while others hate it. She is often straightforward, she is too harsh, rarely hides anything and is always confident in herself. Other than that, she hates being wrong and at times doing crazy things

With all her flaws and quirks that are also inherent in Sagittarius, Sera seems the most sincere and open girl all over Thedas. She is the one to trust.

It is very difficult to earn her favor, but becoming a close person can be completely confident in the loyalty of the mischievous woman.

Like the famous hero of the stories Robin Hood, Serah hates manifestations of injustice and immediately intervenes in such situations.

Cullen Rutherford – Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Cullen Rutherford - Capricorn

The result is above all. This is the motto of Cullen and, in most cases, Capricorns. They understand that in life they have to fulfill their duty even if their feelings contradict it. Just like the character in the game, such people rely on logic and reason

Cullen makes decisions with confidence, and while anyone else would hesitate in a similar situation, there is not the slightest chance for him to step back. He constantly looks ahead and never delves into the past.

Knight Captain knows how to fairly judge and give orderslooking at the whole situation and building logical chains. He can be described as an intelligent, resourceful, pragmatic, cautious person with a sober mind.

Only occasionally can Cullen lose control of himself. This usually happens in moments of internal struggle, which, as if from within, absorbs him.

Zodiac signs are a wonderful method of analyzing yourself and the characters of computer games. With their help, you can find out with whom from the third Witcher you should start an affair or which character from Assassin’s Creed suits you best. The zodiacs did not pass by the Pokémon, as well as the heroes of the notorious Skyrim.

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