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which faculties will the main characters fall into?

A little bit of Harry Potter magic in Grand Theft Auto. There are, albeit controversial, but highly developed main characters. Their characters are spelled out so that they can be distributed among the faculties of Hogwarts.


Of course, the protagonists are known to have committed serious crimes here and there. However, labeling them all as just bad guys is shortsighted. It’s much more fun to find the right Hogwarts house for them!

The actions of the main characters in GTA are usually determined by circumstances, and not by an inner desire to do wrong. However, there are many qualities and character traits hidden behind these actions that, if used correctly, will make these people a huge asset to society. All they need is direction in the right direction.

If anyone can help in this situation, it is the wise witches and wizards of Hogwarts. They have an impressive track record of superbly mannered magicians. And if the main characters of GTA went there, which of the four houses would suit them best?

Claude (GTA III) – Gryffindor


Claude’s dedication to his girlfriend Catalina is admirable, even if inappropriate. It is this kind of chivalry that Godric Gryffindor would have especially appreciated. As Claude’s story progresses, a bolder side of him is revealed to players.

His bet with CJ shows that he is willing to take the risk to move his business forward. At the same time, his desire for revenge demonstrates that, first of all, he relies on morality, and not trying to seek personal gain. Claude could do great things in Gryffindoralthough he may need a little help to access the common room.

Tommy Vercetti (GTA: Vice City) – Slytherin

Tommy Vercetti

Not wanting to be content with simple service as a subordinate, Tommy rises to the very top, building his own criminal empire. He is one of the most ambitious heroes in the GTA series, and it is these ambitions that will make him very suitable for Slytherin.

Tommy also acquires and operates his own business, giving players a sense of his leadership skills. Although they may leave a lot to be desired, Slytherin will definitely help Thomas develop these skills and achieve true greatness.

Carl Johnson (GTA: San Andreas) – Hufflepuff

Carl Johnson

Loyalty to Ryder and Big Smoke almost brings Karl to his downfall. However, the devotion he shows to his friends is perhaps his most defining characteristic. By isolating himself from loved ones and family for five years in Liberty City, CJ also shows incredible patience.

Combined with his dedication to restoring the Grove Street families to their former glory and the hard work required to achieve it, it’s pretty clear that CJ and Hufflepuff are an alliance made in heaven. With CJ at the helm, Hufflepuff will definitely be the favorite among all faculties in competition.

Tony Cipriani (GTA: Liberty City Stories) – Gryffindor

Toni Cipriani

It takes a lot of courage to go to war with the two largest crime families in the world. This is what we see consistently in Tony’s face throughout the events of Liberty City Stories. No matter how difficult the task posed to him, doubts never arise in his mind. He perfectly knows how to control himself.

It could be argued that Tony is also a good match for Hufflepuff thanks to his unwavering loyalty to Salvatore. However, given that courage and bravery seem to be his strongest features, the sorting hat would probably find Gryffindor much more appropriate.

Victor Vance (GTA: Vice City Stories) – Ravenclaw

Victor Vance

Victor is perhaps the most difficult of the main characters in GTA. Unlike others, his actions usually come from necessity, not greed. Time in the army also gave him a special set of skills, and he is not afraid to use them to achieve his goals.

Having spent most of his life on the right side of the law, Victor knows much better how the world works than many of his peers. Ravenclaw could probably take these traits and turn Victor into an exceptional goodie.

Niko Bellic (GTA IV) – Hufflepuff

Niko Bellic

At a young age, Niko participated in the Yugoslav wars. There, his unit was betrayed by one of his own, and many of them were killed. His fidelity to the memories of his comrades eventually leads him to Liberty City. The fact that he waited over ten years and spent about 7 months on a cargo ship to get there shows that he is also a patient person.

His observations of The American Dream show a clear understanding of the importance of hard work, and this is something that players appreciate during the events of GTA IV. He is ready to take on almost any task to get closer to his goal, and invariably finds a way to achieve success. Hufflepuff would welcome Niko with open arms.

Johnny Klebitz (GTA IV: The Lost And Damned) – Slytherin

Johnny Klebitz

Johnny’s leadership of The Lost Motorcycle Club immediately makes him an excellent candidate for Slytherin. His actions during the events leading up to The Lost and Damned show that he always takes care of himself and his people deep down. Perhaps this is more “self-preservation” than nobility, but still.

Instead of taking risks in a war with a rival gang, he does his best to keep the peace and keep himself and his people safe. He also shows great resourcefulness when dealing with the potential threat that Billy will betray him. All things considered, there is no doubt that Slytherin is his home.

Luis Fernando Lopez (GTA IV: The Ballad About Gay Tony) – Ravenclaw

Luis Fernando Lopez

Luis’s intelligence and creativity is regularly displayed during the events of The Ballad of Gay Tony. He constantly cleans up Tony’s mess and his flawlessly executed plan to save the guy from the Russians is probably the best example of his resourcefulness, not to mention his incredible ingenuity.

The joke between Luis and Tony also gives players a chance to see the hero’s humor and wit, which serve as the metaphorical icing on his cake. “Welcome to Ravenclaw“. He repeatedly showed himself as an excellent student and could have learned a lot at this faculty.

Huang Li (GTA: Chinatown Wars) – Gryffindor

Huang Li

Although Juan begins the game without many of the qualities a Gryffindor needs, the events of the Chinatown Wars force him to adapt. He shows great courage in the face of adversity and is not afraid to do business with any of the main gangs of Liberty City. Juan does what needs to be done, regardless of the possible consequences.

His dedication to family and triads would also make him suitable for Hufflepuff. At the same time, the willingness to fight Vonsu almost single-handedly suggests that Gryffindor Might Be a More Suitable House

Michael De Santa (GTA V) – Slytherin

Michael De Santa

By faking his own death to live a normal life with his family, Michael reveals that self-preservation is more important to him than anything else. The fact that he initially agrees to obey the orders of Agent Haynes only reinforces this thesis.

Michael also demonstrates excellent leadership through Franklin’s mentorship and is resourceful at many points in the history of GTA V. With all this in mind, Slytherin will definitely help Michael on his way to greatness.

Franklin Clinton (GTA V) – Ravenclaw

Franklin Clinton

Franklin’s thirst for knowledge ultimately united the main characters of GTA V. He is smart enough to admit that he lacks the tools he needs to be successful in his chosen lifestyle. and curious enough to ask the questions needed to get them.

He is also in charge of some of the funniest parts of the game, showcasing both his creativity and wit through many jokes and insults. Ravenclaw will be able to use these traitsto make Franklin an excellent member of society.

Trevor Phillips (GTA V) – Hufflepuff

Trevor Phillips

Trevor’s loyalty to Michael is admirable. Moreover, his initial anger at Michael for faking his own death and abandoning friends shows that loyalty is a quality that he himself values ​​very much. For this reason, Penelope Hufflepuff would probably see great potential in him.

While Trevor can sometimes lack patience, he has shown on countless occasions that he is not afraid to get his hands dirty. You could argue that this character will never fit in anywhere (at least in the conventional sense), but Hufflepuff is definitely the best option for him.given his character traits.

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