• December 5, 2023

Which game console to choose in 2019?

Which game consoles can be considered the best in 2019? Maybe everyone should play on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? Or is this just a stereotype, and there are some very successful hybrids like Nintendo? Don’t forget about portable consoles like the 2DS XL or Switch Lite and the Nvidia Shield streaming platform.

Game consoles have become almost an integral part of life for many gamers, but they are also very expensive. One of their features is that each manufacturer offers a different set of options. This is due to the unique design, graphics power, availability of games, etc. For gamers with little experience, it is quite difficult to understand what the differences are between devices. This is where the gamesqa experts come into play. Readers are invited to evaluate the features of consoles and advice when and which console to buy.

Advice! Old consoles should not be overlooked either. They may not provide access to new games, but for an extremely limited budget, this is a godsend. The price of a set-top box is several times lower, and when buying from hand, you can often get a bonus as a bonus, which also cost a considerable amount. Those who want to be in trend and enjoy the latest in the gaming industry should continue reading the review.

Xbox one x

Rating – 5 stars.

The average price is 36,500 rubles.

Xbox One X is one of the most powerful consoles, and it costs more than competitors on the market. Compared with similarly powerful PCs, the price-performance ratio is quite favorable. The game console is capable of providing full-fledged gameplay in 4k quality with 60 fps. Even without a 4K TV, the graphics improvement over regular FullHD will be noticeable.

This is not to say that Xbox One X suits everyone. However, if you have a 4K TV that can be used in conjunction with your console, real fun is guaranteed.

PS4 Pro

Rating – 4.5 stars.

The average price is 29,490 rubles.

Sony’s latest console to date is the PS4 Pro. It is a must for all fans of the brand, although a good alternative and PS4 Slim.

PS4 Pro is capable of playing both dynamic 4k picture and HDR video. This is made possible through the use of an updated GPU. The console has full 4k resolution, not limited to video playback, like the Xbox One S. Yet Sony admits that a significant part of the games do not support 4k by default, the console automatically scales them.

The lack of 4K Blu-ray is somewhat surprising, but the PlayStation 4 Pro comes with a larger 1TB hard drive. It is the most powerful Sony console on the market, but it is inferior in some characteristics to the Xbox One X.

Nintendo Switch

Rating – 4 stars.

The average price is 23,199 rubles.

The most famous and popular Nintendo console has a number of features. The Switch is a hybrid between a portable and full-fledged home set-top box. It can be connected to a TV and played on a large screen, but nothing prevents you from taking the console with you and using it on the go as a powerful portable device with a huge set of configurations to personalize the device.

Please understand that not all of the latest games are available on Nintendo Switch. Still, the power shortage of mobile graphics affects. However, there is a large library of exclusives and a huge list of addicting indie games.

The console is the only one of its kind that allows you to play novelties like Zelda and Mario, and allows you to play world hits like Skyrim. Plus – you can take all this with you.

Xbox one s

Rating – 4 stars.

The average price is 21,970 rubles.

It is not the most advanced version of the Xbox, but its power is still enough for most gamers.

The game console with the S index is lighter and smaller than the Xbox One, and its power supply is integrated into the case, which has a positive effect on compactness. Although the Xbox One S has actual 4k support, the potential is only limited to video playback. For full 4K, you still have to go to the Xbox One X or PS4 Pro.

PS4 Slim

Rating – 4 stars.

The average price is 20 390 rubles.

The new slimmer PS4 is a slightly scaled-down modification of the original PS4 with a rounded body.

If the reader already has a PS4, buying a Slim version is pointless, because their hardware is almost identical to each other. However, the updated modification of the compact console has HDR support, which is also present in the PlayStation 4 after installing the appropriate updates.

Nvidia Shield TV

Rating – 4 stars.

The average price is 20 390 rubles.

For a model with 16 GB of built-in memory, you need to pay about 20 thousand rubles. The price seems a bit high for media players. The Nvidia Shield TV makes up for this with cheap games and the ability to expand storage with a USB stick. Android games that are suitable for use on the device start at 60 rubles, although higher quality and advanced products can go up to 800 rubles.

While Shield offers similar capabilities to classic streaming platforms, the platform also has a number of big screen exclusives. The device also includes a service for streaming games, but it requires the purchase of a subscription (600 rubles per month). In return, the service provides access to an extensive library of projects. In terms of price and quality, there is a good balance here. There is also the option to separately purchase the latest games to run on the Nvidia Shield TV.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Rating – 4 stars.

The average price is 16 380 rubles.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a good handheld console that can convey a similar experience to the Nintendo Switch, but comes in a compact form factor. It is convenient to use for those who travel frequently or prefer to play in transport. Comes with a 5.5 ”display and supports HD resolution. The screen is large enough to provide an immersive gaming experience, but the case is so compact that it fits in most pockets.

With its emphasis on easy portability, Nintendo has had to sacrifice much of what today’s gamers see as key features of the console. Among them: the hybrid nature of the console, removable joysticks Joy-Cons, advanced motion controls.

The Lite version is the cheapest way to enter the Nintendo Switch ecosystem. The console provides a great gaming experience, in some ways better than the standard console, but you have to sacrifice fullness.

New Nintendo 2DS XL

Rating – 4 stars.

The average price is 10,990 rubles.

The best version of Nintendo’s 3DS doesn’t even have full 3D support yet. Separate stereoscopic 3D effects are still present. The new 2DS XL comes as a clamshell and adopts a similar screen from the 3DS XL. However, the device costs significantly less and has several additional settings.

The cheapest option to enter the 3DS family is the Nintendo 2DS XL. This purchase opens access to the entire library of DS and 3DS games.

SNES Classic Mini

Rating – 5 stars.

The average price is 8,990 rubles.

For those nostalgic about the classic Nintendo games, the company invites you to try famous apps on the big screen using a mini-console. After purchase, the user gets access to 21 classic games. You don’t have to worry about the cartridges, they are immediately built into the console. This is the next version of the hugely popular version of the NES, but with a number of significant improvements. Among them: extended cables from controllers, new functions like rewind.

It is impossible to say for sure whether the series of games matches the reader’s palatability, but in any case, the value for money here is excellent. For a small price it is given: 21 games, 2 controllers and a nostalgic mood. Among the projects is the unique Star Fox 2, previously unreleased on a classic device.

Sega Mega Drive Mini

Rating – 5 stars.

The average price is € 79.99 or 5,770 rubles.

In terms of popularity, the console is not inferior to the SNES Classic Mini Nintendo. There is practically no reason not to love it, because there are 42 built-in games on board.

The Sega Mega Drive Mini is a nice replica of the original console that comes with classic controllers and a wide range of popular games. Among them there are many well-known names related to 2-user projects. Moreover, the controllers have a decent wire length.

There is just one problem, the Japanese company was unable to resolve legal issues with copyright in Russia, which is why there is no official way out. To enjoy your favorite games, you will have to order a console from abroad.

There is no one-size-fits-all game console that is best for everyone. Everyone needs to choose their own, depending on the preferences and operating conditions of the console. At the same time, a brief description of the current attachments should help you make the right choice.

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