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Which Harry Potter suits you according to your zodiac sign?

There are a lot of significant Hogwarts students in the Poterriana universe. Let’s find out who you look more like?

The main characters of Harry Potter

Franchise “Harry Potter“Has had a huge impact on all media space for 10 years. This universe is loved by fans for its detailed world and unique sense of the story close to the heart. A huge part of the appeal of films and books also lies in the inimitable characters. Even the minor characters are dynamic, growing and changing throughout the seven year saga.

Have you ever wondered which of the dozens of personalities that inhabit Hogwarts most resemble you? Let’s try to find the answer to a question from the course of one of the lessons in the school of magic – Astrology.

Aries: Oliver WoodOliver Wood

Possessing courage and courage, most Gryffindors exhibit Aries traits. Quidditch Team Captain Oliver Wood not an exception. His enthusiasm for sports knows no bounds. Aries are often inherent in excessive irascibility, but Oliver manifests it exclusively in moments of the game, which only benefits the team.

The ram sign loves sports and exercise, and as a star athlete, Wood embodies that spirit. He is confident, optimistic and loves to bring glory to the name of the faculty, leading the team to victory.

Taurus: Neville Longbottom (Longbottom)Neville Longbottom

The bull sign is closely related to nature. Thanks to her love of plants and her future career as a Hogwarts Herbology professor, Neville clearly gravitates towards the natural world. Like many Taurus, he is shy and quiet, but shows loyalty and reliability when the situation calls for it.

With a slow and patient nature, Taurus often bloom late, as happens in the situation with Neville, really revealed in later books.

This sign tries to protect loved ones, and Neville’s courage manifests itself precisely in such a moment in his life.

Gemini: Fred and George WeasleyShaving Weasley

The twin sign perfectly reflects insane antics. Fred and George… Not content with books and lessons, they spend their days at Hogwarts finding fun and pranks. However, like most Gemini, they are naturally gifted with a flexible mind. The brothers are surprisingly quick-witted, constantly inventing new magical pranks.

The Weasley brothers have learned the structure of the castle by heart and know its secrets better than most teachers, demonstrating the signature curiosity of this zodiac sign. Gemini loves to entertain and amuse others – and this is the hallmark of Fred and George.

Cancer: Ron WeasleyRon Weasley

Kind, compassionate and loyal, Ron has several similarities with the cancer sign. He is more sensitive than showing close people and is always ready to come to the rescue when a loved one is in a bad situation.

A vivid example of his rejection is a game of chess in the first part or a daring escape in a flying car from the second.

Sometimes he gets a little cranky or resentful a little jealous of Harry’s fame. However, his love for friends and family ultimately outweighs any grudges.

Lion: Draco MalfoyDraco Malfoy

Stereotypical rich kid Malfoy used to being in the spotlight and getting what he wants. Like people with the sign of the lion, he bask in the spotlight and has a tendency to take offense if light falls on another.

Malfoy does have a certain charisma inherent in most lions. The character fell in love with a huge number of fans, and despite his obviously nasty character, he became loved by the vast majority of Potteriana fans.

Virgo: Hermione GrangerHermione Granger

Conscientious and meticulous Hermione throughout the franchise shows true dedication and perseverance in achieving goals. Her academic success is due to her sharp mind and analytical thinking, as well as hard work. Like any Virgo, Hermione’s thirst for knowledge has no boundaries.

Her desire to do everything perfectly periodically leads to the exact opposite effect. Sometimes Harry and Ron find her bossy because she feels the need to take care of them.

When times are tough, her loyalty and diligence is the hallmark of her friends through trials.

Libra: Cedric DiggoryCedric Diggory

Libras are extremely social and love to get along with everyone, bringing people around them. It’s hard to find someone at Hogwarts who doesn’t like Cedric Diggory… He is popular with everyone, attentive and agreeable – all classic Libra traits.

Libra is fair and strives for balance. After reporting to Harry about dragons in Goblet of Fire, Cedric paid in kind, giving him a hint in the second task. He values ​​fairness in everything and wants all tournament participants to compete on equal terms.

Scorpio: Harry PotterHarry Potter

Scorpios are as strong and passionate as themselves. Harry Potter… He invests in the business with his heart and soul, giving himself completely. Whether it’s a Quidditch match or a Volen-de-Mort battle, Harry acts selflessly and doesn’t hold back his dedication.

Like all Scorpios, Harry is secretive and reluctant to open up to new people, sometimes even to his own detriment. However, he is extremely devoted to a circle of close friends. One of the most complex signs of the Zodiac, personifying the hero of films and books with his complex energy, resilience and strength.

Sagittarius: Ginny WeasleyGinny Weasley

Sagittarius are lively and active, sociable and self-sufficient, like the youngest child in the large Weasley family. Ginny is not afraid to pave his own path to achieve the intended goal. She is quick-witted and assertive, strives to try new things and knows how to find a common language with a variety of people.

She is freedom-loving and sometimes rebellious too much, deciding that she is being ignored due to insufficient influence in the family.

Ginny’s quest for independence are classic Sagittarius traits that define her character throughout the book.

Capricorn: Percy WeasleyPercy Weasley

Those born under this sign are determined and ambitious, like the third Weasley child. For them, status and position in society are important, they seem proud or arrogant. Percy sometimes flaunts his status as prefect or headman as an indicator of the inherent facial features.

Percy’s ambition sometimes makes him look narrowly at what is happening or act selfishly. However, the situation changes dramatically when close friends are threatened. At critical moments, Capricorns find inner balance and show the necessary qualities.

Aquarius: Luna LovegoodLuna Lovegood

Freaky and strange Midnight never cares about the opinion of others about her. Seemingly out of touch with reality, her ability to see the world with different eyes makes her incredibly insightful.

Like all Aquarians, she is an original thinker, not limited by the norms and standards of society.

Despite the obvious loneliness, she likes to have friends who understand her worldview, albeit not fully. Although they enjoy spending time alone, Aquarius is a sign of friendship, and Luna values ​​friends more than anything else.

Fish: Zhou ChangZhou Chang

Due to the increased sensitivity of Pisces, Zhou overreacts emotionally to the events taking place, which makes her one of the most sensitive and subtle characters.

Pisces are complex in nature and often bogged down under the weight of their own soul. Zhou often demonstrates this quality in the Order of the Phoenix as she struggles with the loss of Cedric and the problems plaguing Hogwarts.

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