Which tanks will become “collectible”? They will be removed from development branches

A complete list of vehicles and the most interesting options to redeem before the New Balance is released.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and we begin our acquaintance with the updated research trees in World of Tanks. We have already made an overview of the equipment, which will become promotional and now the next type is next. Collectible vehicles are (for now) pumped tanks, which after the introduction of the New Balance will be removed from the pumping branches. They will be moved to a separate tab, so they will be able to redeem them, BUT the price is still unknown.

Collectible vehicles will be no different from what they used to be… It will even be possible to change modules and give it an elite status. If you buy such a car now, then after the new patch it will remain in your Garage in the same configuration.


The Soviet branch lost 9 cars. One of the popular tanks T-46 due to a variety of weapons (a choice of 3 equivalent weapons) and SU-85B with good mobility and an excellent weapon with high DPM.


The German branch got the most – 20 cars were removed. This is due to the fact that the branch was very confusing, had 2-3 alternatives of one class per level. It was not surprising for a newcomer to get lost and go on the wrong branch, and the veterans of the game sometimes accidentally poured freedom into the wrong tank. We recommend paying attention:

  • Bison (the largest breakout at the level);
  • Pz. 38
  • Hetzer a strong “turtle” with a very dangerous bomber, a fun bird.


The American branch also got it decently. We eliminated the sub branch of ST and completely removed 2 branches of low-tier SPGs, so at least players should no longer wonder which one to go for. For many, it will be good news that one of the most immersive tank destroyers – T67 will become collectible. Many have it in the Hangar.


The French did not have anything particularly interesting; no one would notice the loss of these machines. Only deserve attention Tank destroyer, but they are not for everybody.

Great Britain

The British were cut off a significant part of the equipment, they are in second place in this regard, despite the fact that they did not previously differ in a large number of cars. The ST branch was radically revised, most were removed, one was transferred to the LT class. The only thing that deserves attention here is Alecto


The branch of Chinese tank destroyers in itself is not very appropriate in the current randomness, so no one will notice the loss of two of them.


Here, they removed the unpopular cars that pass under the promotions for a bonus to experience or generally for freedom, and just like that no one rolls them out to random. If you swing heavy, then you can redeem OI Experimental, so that later with an experienced crew to duck in the sand.


Although the branch of the Swedish tank destroyer is more popular and more relevant than the Chinese, but this pair of low levels is practically not found in the random house now


Here everything is as simple and concise as possible – one of the two level 2 LTs was removed. Initially, it was unclear why there were two tanks at all.


Review of promotional tanks after the New Balance.

Three new tanks in WoT, which will replace the equipment transferred to the collectible.

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