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Who should you romance with based on your zodiac sign?

We will help you solve the love affairs of the most ardent lover of role-playing games and show you how to find the way to the heart of the best ladies in The Witcher 3 universe.

The Witcher 3 offers players a wide range of romance partners, and choosing just one can be extremely difficult. Here’s what your zodiac sign says about it.

The Witcher 3: who should you romance with?

There are many options for developing romantic relationships in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. In addition to his two main sorceress mistresses, Yennefer and Triss, Geralt can date many women, entering into physical and emotional relationships with them.

When the user is playing The Witcher 3, choosing the perfect lady for romance can be difficult because there are quite a few of them in the base game and DLC. Here’s a little guide on who the player should aim for when playing as Geralt, based on the gamer’s own zodiac sign.

Aries – Keira Metz

Keira Metz

Keira Metz is stubborn, funny, super flirtatious and very lighthearted. She is not interested in a long-term relationship with Geralt, but she still admires him enough to want intimacy. Her personality traits resemble Aries, making her desirable for the risky, fun-loving and impulsive zodiac sign. For a quick introduction to spontaneous fabulous dates and sweet banter, Keira is a great partner.

Taurus – Yutta an Dimun

Yutta an Dimun

Jutta can be found in Skellig. She states that she will only be with a man who can defeat her in battle. Obviously, she will be an easy opponent for the highly skilled and powerful Witcher Geralt. Players can refuse her attentions after the fight, or, conversely, accept an offer to meet for a drink at her house. Her romance is straightforward, down-to-earth and has no additional drama underneath. This is perfect for any Taurus.

Gemini – Yennefer from Vengerberg

Yennefer from Vengerberg

The queen of being difficult at everything, Yennefer can be a difficult partner. An affair with her requires patience and understanding, as she is an incredible sorceress with outstanding talents, so making her happy will not be easy. Geminis love to play games and don’t mind chasing their romantic interest. This makes them the perfect choice for the black haired femme fatale.

Cancer – Triss Merigold

Triss Merigold

Another major love interest in Geralt’s story is Triss Merigold. She is kind, thoughtful, intuitive and very strong (like a sorceress). She is passionate about Geralt and desperately wants him to feel the same way for her. Though sometimes it can be tough and cold Triss is mostly polite and open, and all she wants in return is a return level of passion. Cancer will be a great partner for her.

Leo – Madame Sasha

Madame Sasha

Only those who want to master Gwent can receive Madame Sasha’s attention. She opens up for a romantic relationship after Geralt completes quests related to Gwent. Lev can be very competitive and decisive when he has a goal, which is very important if you want to get the hand and heart of Madame SashaSharing the winnings during the mission Gwent: High Stakes, Geralt will spend the night with the dark-haired beauty.

Virgo – Shani


Shani becomes open to romantic relationships in the Stone Hearts expansion. After she and Geralt parted ways years ago, they are finally reunited and can spend the evening together at a wild and bizarre wedding. Shani is calm, collected and flirting quite openly.

She admires a partner she can talk to, someone who wants to be fun and lighthearted with her, and also smart and collected enough to understand her career aspirations. Virgos would be good partners for this young medic.

Libra – Yennefer and Triss

Yennefer and Geralt

Libras can be pretty indecisive when it comes to big choices. They love to create the perfect balance and don’t want to let others down. In The Witcher 3, Geralt must decide whether to choose Triss or Yennefer as a permanent partner, but choosing one leads to the other becoming sad and embarrassed. Libra can promise their heart to both sorceresses, not just one! Be careful though, this leads to a quest in which both women invite Geralt to bed … but it doesn’t end as the witcher expected.

Scorpio – Sianna


This antagonist is featured in the Blood and Wine DLC, and her story is quite intense. The victim of a curse that led her to the abuse of others and exile from her hometown. Sianna has some pretty convoluted ideals and life goals. She is cruel and ruthless, loves to use men for her own satisfaction. She longs for someone who can be more influential and powerful than her, but at the same time will respect and admire her as a strong person. Scorpios fit this description exactly.

Sagittarius – Nobody

Geralt and Ciri

The best way to avoid all the drama in the game is to avoid the ladies altogether. Focusing on Geralt’s one true love, his daughter Ciri, is the most important thing. No woman can distract him from the ultimate goal of ensuring the safety of his family.

Plus, if you don’t tell Triss to stay with him in Novigrad and not defeat Gene and Yennefer, this will lead to the final in the Blood and Wine DLC, where Ciri and Geralt stay together in the countryside as the cutest dad and daughter duo. This ending completely surpasses any romance, and Sagittarius knows it!

Capricorn – All

Geralt and Yennefer

Players can choose between all possible romances in the game to make Geralt a better character. In addition, the player can choose to flirt with his two main love interests, as well as with Keira, Jutta, Madame Sasha, Sianna, Shani, and with women in each brothel at the same time. If this is the pursuit of any zodiac sign, it will definitely be Capricorn.

Aquarius – “Passionflower”


Sometimes staying away from loving relationships is all Geralt needs in the game, and brothels have been introduced into the gameplay for that. A lot of romance can distract the hero from his real task – to defeat the Wild Hunt. Because of this Aquarius may want to avoid characters with a deep romantic history and just focus on the ladies found at the Passiflora brothel in Novigrad.

Fish – Buttercup


Okay, you can’t technically have an affair with Dandelion in the game, but developing their friendship is one of Geralt’s most rewarding actions during his stay in Novigrad. Once Dandelion is back in his new cabaret, Geralt can complete several different quests to spend more time with his cheerful and adorable longtime friend.

At the end of the Blood and Wine DLC, depending on the ending that the player receives, Buttercup may appear to get Geralt out of prison, appear at his house in the village with a gift, or both. Who needs witches when there is this cute bard? Soft and friendly Pisces would definitely agree with this statement.

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