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whose operator is it, who and from where called Megafon

The question, whose phone number is 88005500500, arises after one or more missed calls. Of course, the 8800 code suggests that the call was from a government agency or a representative of a private company. However, this information is not enough, I want to know for sure: 88005500500 – who called. After a thorough analysis of the reviews, it becomes clear who called from 88005500500 and what approximately they wanted. This will be discussed below.

Who called from 8 800 5500 500?

Anyone who called from 8 800 5500 500 can tell any forum, because this is a well-known number from which many thousands of calls are made every day. 88005500500 – what kind of organization with such a large list of contacts and a huge call center?


Whose number and organization?

The telephone number 88005500500 belongs to the well-known company – the mobile operator Megafon. Knowing whose number is 88005500500, it is already easy to guess for what purpose the call came. The company’s services are being promoted. Employees may offer to take advantage of the new promotion.

The one who called from 88005500500 “Megafon” is a call center operator. Most likely, he will advise you to take advantage of the “Personal Offer” promotion. Its essence lies in the development of unique conditions for the personal needs of a person. For this, the Customer Lifetime Value is calculated. It is earned based on customer history, creditworthiness, and total subscriber value. The company analyzes the data and generates an offer that is beneficial for both parties. Thus, the mobile operator strives to retain customers.

Quite often people become interested in whose number is 88005500500 due to the fact that they are not Megafon’s clients. Naturally, they don’t know the number. In this case, another question arises: where did the company get the contact information from? The reference book for calls is compiled using the Mail.ru database. Not surprising considering the merger of both companies in 2017.

What does Megafon use the number 88005500500 for?

The goals may be different, but basically it is an offer to use an additional service or switch to another tariff plan, which, as a rule, is more expensive. The task of the Megafon operator on the other side of the call from 8 800 5500 500 is to convince the subscriber that the new tariff is more profitable. The number of successfully connected clients often determines the salary or bonus of the staff.

Hidden number

Now statistics come to the rescue, according to which almost half of the corporation’s income (49%) is the mobile Internet. Despite this, the number of users who actively use the worldwide network is only 29%. Based on the data, it is easy to conclude that active Internet users pay for mobile communications almost three times more than the same subscribers who prefer only to communicate.

Megaphone. They offer to change the tariff (Call Center)

Understanding where they called from 88005500500 and their main goals, it is interesting to know what exactly the operators can offer. There are such popular services:

  • Unlimited Internet when using social networks. For a fee, you can watch YouTube, Vkontakte and other services, no traffic will be consumed.
  • Increased package of free minutes when calling numbers of other operators. The owner company determines who owns the numbers of the people that the user contacts most often. If most of it belongs to another operator, Megafon offers a tariff plan with a large number of free minutes.
  • A set of more megabytes of Internet, free minutes and SMS. As a rule, such a kit costs a little more, so they often switch to it. So, without having time to look back, a person can start using one of the most expensive tariffs.

What to do if calls come from this number?

If someone calls from 88005500500, it’s worth picking up the phone, it can be quite profitable. Especially if the megabytes or free minutes provided by the tariff are not enough and you have to pay for them at full rate. In this case, a call from 88005500500 can be a salvation. Sometimes the savings reach 500 rubles per month. This is a good amount that can be saved if you choose the right tariff plan.


When there is no interest in the company’s services, and the tariff plan is completely satisfied, you can not pick up the phone. The company is not intrusive, so after a few rejected calls, they usually stop dialing.

Imposing services that I do not need (Company)

Some users note that tel. 88005500500 continues to call after the denial of their services. Perhaps this is a mistake or the employee who called before did not add the number to the appropriate database. It is worth trying again to pick up the phone and ask not to call again. If this does not help, then you need to resort to blocking calls.

How to block this number?

Each phone has a “Black List” function, you just need to add “Megafon”.


  1. Open the phone book with the call list.
  2. Press and hold this number.
  3. Select the “Block” option.

Phone fraud

Today, fraud is very common: they are trying to lure people out of personal data or steal money from an account. Very often they call from different numbers and drop them. They hope that the person will call you back. If you fall for it, then all funds will be withdrawn from the account. They will pick up the phone and deliberately play for time until the connection is cut off due to the exhaustion of funds in the account.

What to say and how to respond to scammers?

Regardless of the type of fraud, there are some simple tips to follow:

  1. Never give out personal data. It is better to go with them to the office that any large company possesses.
  2. Talk less. Often a person himself casually mentions some fact about himself that scammers can use.
  3. Listen to everything, and if you have the slightest suspicion, check the information, if possible.
  4. And the main thing is to never panic, which is what all scammers want to achieve. In such cases, the person misjudges the situation and is prone to make a mistake.

Similar phone numbers

Frequently found phones of other similar companies:

  • 88005500227;
  • 88005500393;
  • 88005500402;
  • 88005500424;
  • 88005500445;
  • 88005500458;
  • 88005500550;
  • 88005500555;
  • 88005500600;
  • 88005500620;
  • 88005500700;
  • 88005500707.

Having found out whose operator is 88005500500 and what the purpose of the call is, each reader should decide whether to pick up the phone or not. Usually, it is enough to drop the call a couple of times and the person will not be disturbed in the near future. Calls from the company are not too annoying, so there is no special need to add to the “black list”.

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