• May 19, 2024

Whose phone number is +78005557775 (+88005557775) and who called?

Calls from the phone number +78005557775 or +88005557775 can be repeated more than once, as they occur automatically and affect residents of different regions. As you can guess right away, this is spam. Although there are comments on the network that they were trying to deceive from this phone number, in fact, this is not about scammers. This is a completely legitimate and even well-known organization.

Who called from +78005557775 or +88005557775?

This phone number +88005557775 is the Tinkoff hotline. Accordingly, +78005557775 also belongs to this bank. Bank employees call from this number.

Why are they calling?

Specifically, this phone number is almost always used to promote their own loan products. They hype their bank’s credit cards. However, in the course of the conversation, other Tinkoff products may be offered.

In general, if you do not want to issue credit cards, then it is better not to pick up the phone when calling from the phone number 78005557775.

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