• April 22, 2024

Whose phone number is 8005339625 and who called from it?

The numbers +78005339625 and +88005339625 belong to the mobile operator OJSC “MTT”, which serves numbers throughout Russia. Calls from the company’s robots always come from here, and they are very annoying. In all cases, the calls are advertising in nature, they advertise financial services.

Who called from 8005339625?

The easiest way to find out who called you from +88005339625 is to call him, only put a seven instead of the first eight. Calls from numbers starting with 8800 are free, but the company also has a 7800 number with similar numbers further down the line. The result will be an answering machine response, which usually says what kind of structure called you. In this case, they say: “Your call is fixed. A bank specialist will contact you within 24 hours. “

People who took up the challenge note that it came from Tinkoff Bank. It has an exclusively advertising character: they offer to get a loan, order an additional service, etc.

Knowing whose phone number is 8005339625, you can safely add it to the blacklist so that you will not be disturbed from here in the future. Otherwise, the likelihood of receiving a similar call is high. There is no reason to accept the challenge. If you need a bank card, it is better to contact the hotline of the same bank, because usually cold calling consultants do not have a sufficient level of qualification to explain all the conditions of use. It is better to bypass such financial spam and immediately block it.

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