• February 21, 2024

Why are 5 German tanks awarded in WoT on the eve of Victory Day?

Many players were outraged, or at least left with a slight misunderstanding, by the fact that on the eve of May 9 in World of Tanks, German, and not Soviet, tanks are leased out for various promotions.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and on the agenda are new promotions in May, within which veterans and beginners of the game can get premium tanks, but only German ones. First of all, we are talking about a new set of Twitch Prime “Starry Night”, which provides for rent 2 premium tanks of level 8:

On social networks, the news about the composition of the package drew a flurry of criticism against the developers of WoT… But the fact is that they are completely not involved in this. Kits are regulated by Amazon (it is also represented by the video streaming service Twitch), so they chose the German technology.

Officially, Amazon does not support the CIS, that is why there are a lot of difficulties with the official connection of the Prime subscription, why our players buy twitch prime sets for conditional 150 rubles (the official subscription is 3 times more expensive). The main reference point for them is the EU / NA / Asia regions.

But if we put aside prejudices, the last set from Twitch Prime turned out to be very “bold”:

  • three days of premium account;
  • 20 combat missions for x5 experience in a victorious battle;
  • 3 training materials for each nation and the same amount for combat missions of the set;
  • a unique 2D style based on Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.

The selection of premium tanks deserves special attention… The Löwe heavy tank, although not the newest, still holds the bar one of the best silver farmers thanks to its precise and penetrating gun + very high field of view. The Rheinmetall Skorpion G is renowned for its accuracy with high one-time damage, while the breakdown is also quite comfortable + dynamics and a full rotation tower, which is rarely found in tank destroyers.

How to Get Set 17 Twitch Prime Starry Night Pack in 5 Minutes.

The second news of this kind was a new invite code DRIVETRIBE (entered when registering an account). They already give a British heavy tank as a gift forever Excelsior from preferential level of battles (now it has been withdrawn from sale and transferred to the stock technique). And three German cars for rent:

Also included are a week of premium account and 250,000 credits.

What dictates this choice is unknown, but in any case the new invite looks more interesting than TANKOLET. You can go through the referral program faster. By the way, on May 22, the 3rd season ends and the list of award-winning tanks will be updated, so if there are free slots for recruits, we recommend that you “take” them in the near future.

More details on where to get an invite link to gold and prem tank + how to register an account with maximum bonuses in 2020.

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