• February 20, 2024

Why are all GTA main characters psychopaths?

The protagonists of all parts of the GTA have psychopathic inclinations. This is indicated by the differences in their behavior during missions and cutscenes.

Grand Theft Auto

If you play GTA thoughtfully, then gradually it begins to seem that the main characters have two different personalities: one for cutscenes and another for gameplay. While parts of the franchise gradually reveal the details of their protagonists’ characters and stories, the certainty that each one demonstrates psycho / sociopathic traits, is becoming more and more relevant.

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During each campaign, players are required to destroy hundreds of enemies, and no other alternatives are offered. Peaceful passage simply does not exist. Often in the process it is also necessary to kill civilians, defenseless and unarmed people.

Grand Theft Auto Michael

Although this inconsistency occurs in most game campaigns, it’s hard to match how the characters manifest themselves during cutscenes and quests in which overkill seems second nature to every playable character. And that doesn’t mean Rockstar didn’t notice this problem. In their last game Michael openly admits he can be a sociopath., and Trevor is simply demonstrating an explicit psychopathic behavior

Both characters indicate their personal position on their issues, and players can easily understand this. However, the third playable character, Franklin, who did not have time to get blood on his hands before meeting Michael, just as addicted to accidental killingslike the rest of the team.

GTA 4 Niko

Dissonance is also present in GTA IV, where Niko Bellic is a former soldier who holds many personal demons after serving in the army, but still kills a huge number of people countless times throughout history without hesitation or regret. The same thing happens with CJ from San Andreas, who may be a criminal but does not receive such status until the start of the campaign.


This is a trend in the GTA series and it should be recognized. And the attitude of the community to this approach to the main characters is ambiguous. On the one hand, stories of the mentally ill and psychopaths are part of the modern gaming industry. However, the ambiguous display of heroes can lead to the fact that their role models will be distorted. When in cut-scenes the characters seem to be “on the board” and, in principle, good guys who just “got into a difficult situation” and kill hundreds of people during the game, it is difficult to develop the right attitude towards them.

The problem also lies in the fact that Rockstar themselves do not judge their heroes, nor the excessive violence that occurs in the game. Because of this, GTA 5 was once even taken off the market in some countries.

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