• July 5, 2022

Why are old tanks upnut instead of nerfing imbos?

It is better to tighten up the performance characteristics of the old technique than to worsen the new one – the developers came to this conclusion.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and on the agenda is an interesting topic that we touched upon on one of the individual streams with the developers – the arms race. The point is that the game has objectively stronger machines. It is easier for the average player to play them, and the skillful guys bend over the random.

Of course the topic of nerf is not completely discarded, therefore, the performance characteristics and mechanics will be cut for wheeled vehicles. But the developers decided to listen to the players, because many were outraged that while they pump out the topical top, they would nerf it.

We have already written that, first of all, such heavy branches are uploaded:

  • Soviet IS-4
  • german E 100
  • American T110E5

In the comments, they asked questions about when this update will be released, but there is still no exact answer. The developers have already apali several times, and then nerfed performance characteristics again. You can find preliminary changes at the end of the article.

Next in line are medium tanks in the German branch. E-50 M and there will definitely be some intermediate American (T69 – one hundred%). Also “on the pencil” Chinese STs with a top 121… These are only plans for the near future, even more equipment will go further for rebalancing.

To motivate players to download a new branch, you need to offer them something interesting or unusual, but there must be at least an imbecile twist in the technique. The developers call this phenomenon “arms race”… A situation in which players want to see new tanks attractive in order to get new sensations.

Now from the players side 3 main complaints:

  • wheeled vehicles – they will be 100% nerfed;
  • Object 430U – gun stabilization and armor slightly changed;
  • The T95 / FV4201 Chieftain is imbalanced, but such an efficiency on it because in the first place it was taken by skill players. It took a lot of work to get him to the GC, so he won’t be nerfed either.

If the dominance of the T95 / FV4201 Chieftain is not felt in the random, then in Ranked Battles it is very noticeable. Perhaps their the amount in battle will be regulated by the matchmaker next season RB. But again, in order not to offend the players, no one will prohibit rolling it to RB.

According to the developers, perfect balance – utopia… It will never be possible to achieve a situation in which all machines will be equal in efficiency. The game will always have universally recognized tanks that most players like.

That is why the developers have a new approach: instead of nerfing new or imbued tanks, pull up the old ones approximately to their level by making them more competitive

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