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Why are the novels in The Witcher 3 still considered the best?

A lot of time has passed, but so far no game can match the depth of elaboration of romantic relationships in the unsurpassed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Geralt Yen and Triss

RPG titles continue to replenish the game industry to this day. They contain both new storylines and new romantic relationships. However, the novels that take place in The Witcher 3 have been considered the best for years. There are several reasons due to which the popularity of Geralt’s relationship with his passions does not fade away.

CD Project Red’s portrayal of romance should serve as an example for many studios. The developers of the Wild Hunt clearly demonstrate what the relationship should be between sympathetic people.

The presence of novels in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt makes the story deeper and more meaningful. They fit harmoniously into the main story and complement it perfectly. Of course, you can try to have several romances, but this will have certain consequences.

The right to choose


Romantic lines in The Witcher are not loved because their participants look cute and pretty. The fact is that each novel has its own logical connection and conclusion, if the player wants to do so. The most controversial relationship in Game history speaks Yennefer and Geralt… The enchantress does not like to report and constantly disappears for many months. Her involvement in political games often affects her relationship with Geralt. Eskel even once mentioned that Geralt is the only one who has friendship with kings. And to meet with sorceresses …

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Take an audience with the emperor as an example. Emgyrom – she behaves submissively and meekly, at a time when she can twist Geraltas he wants. Moreover, Yennefer does not exchange for courtesies, preferring an orderly tone and an ambitious disposition. One might get the impression that Geralt likes this kind of treatment, but this has its own secret. Only the witcher knows which Yen actually. Only she so rarely shows him this that from the outside it may seem that the sorceress is like that inside.

The games are full of examples of romantic relationships. For example, Mass Effect features an entertaining love triangle, but this relationship will never surpass the love trinity of Geralt Triss and Ian.

But for Dragon Age: Origins, an update was released that allowed players to purchase certain items to speed up the process of accessing romantic dialogues.

But all these manipulations are more mechanical than natural. Morrigan often compared to Yennefer for her cold nature, however, the Vengerberg beauty was a fully formed and carefully written character, unlike those with whom she is compared.

But Triss Merigold is completely different. Although the player meets her much later than Ian, Geralt has every chance of staying with the Fourteenth from the Hill. And such fleeting novels, as with Keira Mets and Shani, affect only the attitude of the girls towards the main character.

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Romantic sketchiness


When it comes to dialogues, during the conversation between Geralt and Ian, it seems that the sorceress is behaving detachedly and is ready to break off relations with the protagonist right now. Her behavior is often arrogant and pompous, as if the whole world should lie at her feet.

❤️But as soon as these two start talking about more important topics, the mock arrogance fades away.

In other games, things are a little different – a couple of scripted phrases and you can flirt with a companion. In reality, it looks stupid and loses all meaning. That’s what they love for romantic relationships in The Witcher – they are structured and have their own meaning… Communication between Geralt and his passion is something alive, real, which is interesting to watch and take part in.

But most of all attracts, probably, freedom of choice in these very relationships. In view of the physiological characteristics, witchers are prone to frequent dates, so it is not surprising that almost every colorful female character is available for romance. Even if only for one night.

Of course, a lot depends on the behavior of the protagonist. You can go through the game and not spend a single night with sorceresses at all. And you can not miss anyone – meet with everyone when the opportunity arises for this.

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Available options


Most of the romance lines in the game are fleeting, but choosing between Triss and Ian is a lifelong adventure. From the very appearance of these sorceresses, you can decide with whom to stay. Yennefer is rude and arrogant, while Triss is more agreeable and gentle. Geralt fell in love with her without the help of the Genie, because the red-haired sorceress never reproached the witcher for anything. On the contrary, it helped him regain his memory.

Yes, and in Kaer Morhen, she is loved and respected. By the way, only she, of all the sorceresses, knows the secret of the “production” of witchers.

The meeting of Triss Merigold and Geralt of Rivia occurs when the witcher arrives in Novigrad. Ciri’s search leads the protagonist to To the beggar king, and he helps nonhumans, including sorcerers. But not for free, so Geralt willingly goes to help Triss carry out the order of the Beggar King. Naturally, their relationship spills over into more than just flirting.

You can try to strike up a romance with two sorceresses at once, but then an unpleasant surprise awaits the protagonist, and the player will be pretty amused by this situation. Upon arrival at Sage and Rosemary, when Ciri has already been found, Triss and Ian will call Geralt to one of the rooms. There they will tie him to the bed and … leave him in this position, while they themselves leave, drinking good wine.

The novels in The Witcher are a separate reason why gamers love this game so much. These relationships are interesting to observe, analyze and, in the end, put yourself in the place of the player. But in most of the new products that replenish the game industry, there is no such relationship.

Perhaps the presence of ready-made characters played a significant role here, because the game was created according to the book.

These heroes have taken place, they have lived many pages together, their story is mesmerizing, and their character inspires. Therefore, such characters want to believe and sympathize. That’s why romance in The Witcher is so memorable.


Modern developers need to pay more attention to the relationship between characters. Beautiful graphics can no longer bribe a seasoned gamer, but an entertaining storyline, which also has a romantic foundation, can defeat even the most sophisticated player.

Dialogues should be such that you do not want to scroll through them as soon as possible, but carefully read and feel what is happening.

But, unfortunately, more and more games appear with clichéd characters that are practically not remembered, and their relationship is just a mechanical process.

Of the latest games, just from CD Project Red, relations in Cyberpunk 2077 could compete (the developers are the same), but the implementation is very disappointing, there are very few options for partners and everything is much more scripted than in The Witcher.

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