Why are these premium tanks the most popular? 🔝8 level

Summing up the results of the year, which premium tanks became the most popular in 2019, and at the same time, we will figure out why they got the popular sympathy.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today we have prepared for you the Top 10 most recognizable Tier VIII tanks in the random premium this year.

5th place

American medium tank T26E4 SuperPershing. Perhaps the only adequate representative of vehicles with a preferential level of battles, which feels comfortable enough in randomness and can farm.

Its popularity has increased since the release of patch 1.2 in October 2018. His performance characteristics were significantly increased and, what is most important for the prema, armor penetration. But many did not wait for this moment and merged it when the Trade-in promotion first appeared.

Now “Peach” has a comfortable weapon that provides stable damage and, accordingly, the farm of silver (moreover, the characteristics of the gun are better than those of some premiums with a full battle level). He has good frontal armor, which is especially helpful against newcomers, so sometimes the tank forgives mistakes. He pays for all the good with poor mobility, the speed is low and picks it up slowly.

SuperPershing is a good fire support tank, completely self-sufficient and is a kind of mixture of TT and ST (it can shine for itself, sometimes tank and, of course, shoot damage), and the low cost of shells guarantees good profitability. In one year, the T26E4 turned into one of the most unpopular tanks and a very frequent guest of the current random.

Fights on average per month 33,211,385

4th place

Another preferential representative, but already a Type 59 medium tank from China. At one time he was an imboy and tore apart a random, but now the time of benefits has passed, and it has long become obsolete. It was also upgraded in patch 1.2, but this did not fundamentally change the situation.

It still has weak dynamics and mediocre hull booking, which is very noticeable in close-range battles, because tanks or ammunition stowage can be critical when penetrating in the forehead. Armor penetration is not enough, so you have to choose the least protected targets for confident farming.

But not everything is so bad, although it is rather weak against the background of other premiums, but still better than its pumped analogue T-34-2.

Advantages include a strong turret and a low silhouette, which provides good camouflage. The tank was taken out of the open sale a long time ago, but last year it was placed in New Year’s boxes, from where many got it and the popularity in the random house increased significantly.

Fights on average per month 39,013,338

3rd place

Top 3 German tank destroyer Rheinmetall Skorpion G opens, which many consider the ideal prem… Let’s start with the fact that a good specific power allows you to gain good speed, and, accordingly, take advantageous positions at the beginning of the battle. This machine is distinguished by an open wheelhouse that rotates 360 °, which is a rarity for this class. The weapon stands out for its good armor penetration and high alpha, and excellent accuracy helps to implement it.

This PTShka could be called a premium “Borsch”, if not for the fact that she very low stealth rate, so there is a great chance of detection after each shot. In addition to its excellent farming potential, the popularity of Rheinmetall Skorpion G has increased against the background of the fact that it fell into the New Year’s boxes for three years in a row, so many people knocked it out and are now using it as the main technique for farming silver.

Fights on average per month 44 982 655

2nd place

An ageless German classic – the Lowe heavy tank. One of the old-timers of WoT, who still copes with the main task – farming credits and is one of the most expensive premiums… Despite belonging to the heavy class, it is played as a support tank. An accurate gun with decent armor penetration and high projectile velocity allows it to hit targets at medium and long range.

In close combat, mediocre hull armor does not allow for confident tanking, but when playing at a distance from the turret, you can repel shells with a strong mask and damage yourself thanks to the excellent UVN. Also, a good view contributes to the conduct of sniper fire, no one can sneak up on him unnoticed. Although there have been many new premiums in the game in almost 10 years, Lowe still gives some a head start and remains a good choice for earning silver. Provided that you are not confused by its slowness and large size, making it a tempting target for SPGs.

Fights on average per month 51 677 668

1st place

Another veteran of the game, an American heavy tank, topped the popularity rating. T-34… It combines a weakly armored hull with a very strong turret, which is what became the key to its characteristic gameplay.

It can realize its potential well when playing from the relief, tanking with a tower (at medium and long distances it is almost impossible to break through it). In turn, the T34 can snarl at the expense of comfortable UVN and guns with the best armor penetration rate among classmates with high one-time damage. That is why it is still in demand, because it is very easy to farm on it and there is practically no need to charge gold, unless only in battles at the bottom of the list. Otherwise, the gameplay on it cannot be called pleasant:

  • long aiming of the gun;
  • poor stabilization;
  • mediocre mobility;
  • target for self-propelled guns in positional play;
  • long recharge;
  • knowing the vulnerable points on the tower, it is not a problem to penetrate it in close combat.

It has too many disadvantages for modern randomness.Probably, sales decreased and this was one of the reasons why at the end of the year it was removed from the free sale in the premium store and the game client, being transferred to the status of promotional equipment.

Fights on average per month 58 412 244

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Which tanks do you farm most often? Write in the comments, share your opinion, and the site will soon have a continuation of the rating with an expanded list to the TOP 15.

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