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Why are these tanks the most popular? 7th level

Most of the year is already behind, which allows us to draw conclusions about which tanks became the most popular in 2019, and at the same time we will figure out why they got the popular sympathy.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and today we have prepared for you top 10 the most recognizable Tier VII tanks in the random game this year.

10th place

Soviet ST T-43, which primarily owes its popularity to the fact that through it lies the path to research as many as three “tens”: T-62A, Ob. 140 and one of the most immobile tanks at the moment Ob. 430U. The T-43 itself is a very contradictory technique, because the top gun came from its predecessor, the T-34-85, so it is inferior to most of its classmates in terms of firepower.

He can boast of good mobility, small size, and, therefore, good stealth. The hull armor is weak, but the turret can sometimes tank. A characteristic feature of the layout of the T-43 was its tendency to fires and ammunition criticality.

For me, this T-43 became one of the few ST of the USSR, which I passed, forgot and did not get bored at all. Perhaps, I can only equate it with the A-44, which seems to be created in order to periodically “suffer” in the game.

Average battles per month: 7,421,358

9th place

The French LT AMX 13 75 has common reasons for ranking with the previous candidate. The peculiarity of this branch is that through it lies the path to the top-end LT and two STs, which otherwise cannot be opened. AMX 13 75 is the main cactus of its branch, which must be endured between the imbeat at its level AMX 12t and Bat.-Châtillon 12t.

It also inherited the top gun from its predecessor and therefore does not shine with firepower, and the armor has become even worse. Mediocre dynamics and poor stabilization of the weapon in movement lead to the fact that you can only rely on excellent concealment, playing as a passive firefly, relying on the accuracy of allied weapons.

Average battles per month: 7,536,682

8th place

The Soviet tank destroyer SU-152 is here for a sea of ​​fun and emotions, which it can give its owners from the stock state, due to the 152 mm howitzer with the maximum one-time damage for its level of 700 units with the base shell and 910 with the high-explosive shell.

On gold, this machine is able to cool the ardor of not only single-level equipment, but even many higher ones. In other cases, there are always land mines, which are guaranteed not to leave damage without a shot. He can regularly replenish the collection of Death Scythe medals and receive the very rare Halonen Medal (when playing on a tank destroyer destroy at least 2 tanks two levels higher).

Average battles per month: 9,094,092

7th place

One of the most expensive tanks of World War II is the German TT Tiger I. In modern WoT conditions, it looks morally obsolete against the background of new technology, and it lacks armor to fully play the role of a heavy tank.

Still, the tank has some characteristic features that provide it with interesting gameplay: an accurate penetrating weapon allows you to play at any distance, so the lack of armor can be compensated for by playing at a medium distance as a support tank. At the same time, do not be afraid that the enemy will not fall into sight, because the Tiger has one of the best views at the level. Even if it is not enough, good dynamics will allow you to fix it in the shortest possible time.

Average battles per month: 9,168,255

6th place

The American heavy T29 has an extremely strong frontal turret that cannot be penetrated by single-tier vehicles. It has comfortable vertical guidance angles and a powerful weapon, so it feels great playing from the terrain, hiding a weakly armored hull.

In positional play, he has no equal, and he can only be squeezed out with the help of artillery. Now the top of this branch, T110E5, is rather weak compared to its classmates, so many players (including me) stop at level 7 to upgrade this branch. The same T57 Heavy looks more interesting at the moment.

Average battles per month: 12,066,605

5th place

And here is the first artillery in our rating – the German GW Panther self-propelled gun. It is one of the most comfortable self-propelled guns in the game, the gameplay of which will impress any fan of art. ” It has a large horizontal guidance angle, so it controls a decent portion of the battlefield. Due to this, she does not need to reassign often, so she can quickly respond to the appearance of an enemy from the “fog” or simply to a gaping enemy.

The main drawback is a weak weapon with a low alpha-strike and a small radius of fragmentation, but excellent accuracy and fast reloading are good news. In addition, she has good mobility, so changing position is not at all a problem for her. Playing the GW Panther, I effortlessly completed a lot of LBZ just in the process of leveling. Judging by the fact that this is the most popular self-propelled gun at level 7, it was not only me who successfully performed LBZ on it.

Average battles per month: 14,703,572

4th place

The American LT T71 DA is on the way to research the T57 Heavy. Compared to classmates, this tank is versatile:

  • active light – high visibility, excellent speed and maneuverability allow it to effectively illuminate the enemy on the front line;
  • passive light – a combination of visibility, low silhouette and, as a result, a good stealth coefficient make it a good candidate for reconnaissance standing in the bushes;
  • interception of enemy LT – the gun has good armor penetration and a drum for 6 shells, and good dynamics will allow you to catch up with anyone. But you should still be wary of the AMX 13 75 and WZ-132, as they have higher firepower and survivability;
  • support tank – you can rush into a breakthrough along the flank with allied STs or go alone to get the enemy art.

Average battles per month: 15,043,757

3rd place

The TOP 3 is opened by the premium Soviet tank destroyer SU-122-44. She has a gun with high one-time damage and fast reloading, which provides one of the highest DPM at the level. In the frontal projection, it has rational angles of inclination of the armor, so it can sometimes tank in the top list, and if a drain is planned on the flank, then due to good dynamics, it will have time to move closer to living allies or support the allies’ breakthrough.

The main problem of the SU-122-44 in the current randomness is the difficulty in realizing its fire potential. Small UHN and UGN do not allow playing from the terrain and often you have to re-mix. And the accuracy and time of aiming leave much to be desired, which, due to low armor penetration, makes it difficult to inflict damage and target vulnerable areas of enemy vehicles.

Average battles per month: 15,141,149

2nd place

Soviet TT IS, which marked the beginning of the production of serial Soviet heavy weights, which became legends not only in life, but also in World of Tanks. The tank is loved by many players for its ease of use, the ability to play in a random game due to its excellent weapon with a large alpha.

Its armor is weak, so it can show itself better as a support tank at close and medium range. Unlike the German Tiger, it has poor accuracy and long aiming times, so you shouldn’t even try to shoot from a distance. In some situations, the famous “Soviet vertukhan” manifests itself, when, without waiting for full information, the projectile flies right on target. It feels comfortable in battle due to its excellent dynamics, so it can slip into the ranks of the ST or quickly return to defend the base.

Average battles per month: 23,216,655

1st place

The German premium tank destroyer E 25 leads the top of the rating by a wide margin. It has a preferential level of battles and has long been impossible to purchase in the premium store. The peak of its popularity was the marathon, when many players were not too lazy to get imba in their Hangar.

For its appearance and extremely rapid-fire and accurate weapon, the E 25 received the nickname “Flea”, because if it “bites” into the target, it will not be easy to get away from its focus. And the low silhouette and superior camouflage make her even harder to spot.

It is one of the most compact vehicles in WoT, and its acceleration dynamics is comparable to light tanks, and its maneuverability is good. In order to maintain a balance, to slightly counterbalance this preferential imba, it has absolutely no armor, low armor penetration and in protracted battles there is a shortage of shells. But still, E 25 does not prevent from being a people’s favorite, keeping a high percentage of victories and shooting decent damage.

Average battles per month: 66,548,442

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