• November 29, 2023

Why are these tanks the most popular? Level 8

Most of the year is already behind, which allows us to draw conclusions about which tanks became the most popular in 2019, and at the same time we will figure out why they got the popular sympathy.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and today we have prepared for you the Top 10 most recognizable Tier VIII tanks in randomness this year.

10th place

The famous German “Royal Tiger” or as he is better known in the game starts the rating Tiger II… The tank is very comfortable to control, and the typical German accuracy, supported by solid armor penetration, allows you to hit targets even at a long distance.

Special attention should be paid to the excellent model of the tank, which reflects in detail the historical image of the tank. In addition, he has a high visibility, which together gives an advantage on open maps.

However, according to current realities, it has mediocre performance characteristics, and poor armor of the sides, stern and many vulnerable zones in the frontal projection now make it difficult to fulfill the full role of TT.

Fights on average per month 7,602,762

9th place

Soviet LT LTTB can safely claim the title of one of the best among classmates. It has excellent mobility due to its high power density and high top speed. He can easily twist any heavy or bird, and at the right moment promptly break into the enemy base behind the art. He has a good disguise and can rely on ricochet armor in case of detection. It is armed with a well-balanced weapon: accurate, rapid-fire and penetrating.

Fights on average per month 7 986 888

8th place

American tank destroyer T28 Prototype differs in a limited angle of rotation of the tower, which, unlike most classmates, allows you to effectively fire from around the corners. Strong frontal armor at the top of the list even allows you to act insolently, on a par with heavy weights. At the same time, this bird has a clear advantage in firepower due to a powerful gun with high penetration, excellent stabilization and comfortable UVN.

Fights on average per month 8 132 728

7th place

French LT Bat.-Châtillon 12 t an expert in passive intelligence. It has a low silhouette and excellent invisibility, and can use almost any bush to increase camouflage. But this tank is capable not only of expectantly illuminating the enemy, but also quite dangerous to snap at the expense of a gun with a drum for 680 damage units. At the same time, he has a quick reload not only between shots, but also general. Another reason for its popularity is the fact that through the BC 12 t, in addition to the LT branch, two more branches of French medium tanks can be opened.

Fights on average per month 10,075,635

6th place

Another representative from the USA, but now LT M41 Walker Bulldog… As for a scout, he has large dimensions, but excellent dynamics, high visibility and comfortable UVN. Once this tank was one of the most interesting due to the presence of a drum for 10 shells, but now it is played quite cheerfully on a cannon with a cyclic reload, which has retained a high rate of fire.

Fights on average per month 10 426 963

5th place

The only artillery to break through the top 10 in popularity this year is the American SPG M40 / 43… And how can you not love her, because it is no coincidence that she became one of the leaders in damage and percentage of victories in 2019. Excellent UGN allows it to cover a large area, and high armor penetration and good alpha will bring a lot of unpleasant emotions to the owners of the equipment, which will be overtaken by the projectile of this art. And good mobility contributes to a more comfortable game.

Fights on average per month 12,153,271

4th place

Soviet tank destroyer “St. John’s wort” ISU-152… Confirming her nickname, she is armed with a weapon with the most powerful penetration and one-time damage at level 8. Moreover, “hello” from Isuhi can come as a complete surprise to the enemy, because she has a good disguise. If after the shot it does light up, then the strong mask of the gun will be able to repel even the shells of the “dozen”. For a fun bend, you just need to endure the painfully long transfer from the drain to the top and come to terms with poor maneuverability.

Fights on average per month 18,489,622

3rd place

Soviet ST T-44, which received a record number of premium copies for some tariff plans in different countries. Through it lies the path to one of the most imposing branches of the ST, led by Object 430U. It has excellent dynamic characteristics, which is very important for this class of equipment. The good mobility is complemented by a low silhouette and good camouflage, and the accurate cannon allows targeted fire from an ambush. In case of dynamic close-range firefights, it has a strong tower, a good UVN and a ricochet hull, which, if skillfully exposed to the enemy, will save you hit points more than once.

Fights on average per month 21,542,103

2nd place

German tank destroyer Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger, popularly nicknamed “Borshch”. Has one of the best stealth rates among classmates, which allows you to shoot opponents with impunity. In addition, she has two weapons to choose from: a more stable one or with a high alpha, so everyone can choose what is best for him. But the most important thing is that the cannons are mounted on a turret of full rotation, which means that the effect of the stereoscopic tube and camouflage net will be preserved if you lead the enemy in the sight. The main thing is not to forget about the cardboard armor, which they often like to shoot with land mines.

Fights on average per month 26 422 652

1st place

The leader of the rating is the legendary Soviet TT IS-3. Moreover, not only among the eighth levels, but in general it is the most popular in the game.

Compared to its predecessor, the Troika received a significant increase in armor, and the turret is better protected than the hull. He confidently dances the shells of most of his classmates thanks to the rational angles of the armor. The sides have additional protection in the form of screens that absorb any damage when properly positioned.

The top gun can boast of high armor penetration, high alpha and a good rate of fire, which, in combination, makes it one of the most dangerous opponents at close range.

Fights on average per month 81 818 598

What are your favorite tanks?

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