• February 21, 2024

Why did players choose this thread in March мартеNew blogger scandal

The Battle of Bloggers has just ended, but the audience of some continues to make life difficult for other players.

Hello tankers! Many were perplexed by the sharp turn in voting for a discount in March for the “fight!” As usual, one is chosen by the players, and two more by the developers. It would seem that nothing boded surprises, the Swedish STs led by UDES 15/16 were leading:

The Swedish top continued to lead the poll, but this is how the situation changed dramatically after one video:

The reason for this was the call of one of the bloggers to vote for the thread Object 140… For what? Many have heard that New Balance 3.0 was tested on the Sandbox test server in February. One of its stages was the withdrawal of 92 machines from the development trees. Most of them were planned to be transferred to the category of the collection (levels 2-5), and 13 to the action (levels 6-10).

It was assumed that the second group of high-level vehicles could become lots on the Black Market or a reward for events, so some players decided to buy it out in advance so that it would later remain in the Garage.

Balance 3.0 was expected to be released in late spring, so there isn’t much time to pick up all the tanks. In this regard, in one of the videos on YouTube, subscribers were prompted to vote for About. 140to get through intermediate tanks at discounts to T-62A (they take him out).

Updated research tree view

The idea was not bad, but it was hasty. The developers decided to partially cancel Balance 3.0. Including dividing the technique into promotional and classifying everything as collectible (you can buy it at any time in a special tab). Therefore, the need for a hasty pumping T-62A disappeared.

As the famous aphorism says “We wanted the best, but it turned out as always”… Players who wanted to deflate the Swedes were left with nothing, and we all got a discount on a branch of Soviet stshes that hardly anyone needed. Whoever wanted – for so many years has already pumped out About. 140, but the point is even that it is simply irrelevant now. Object 430U is more popular and effective on the Global Map, when admitted to a clan, in Ranked Battles, and just in random.

In fairness, we note that in one of the following videos (when it became known about the cancellation) this very the blogger asked his viewers to change their voice in favor UDES 15/16:

As you can see, the voting results have remained practically unchanged. Most of the users showed indifference and disrespect towards the rest of the tankers. So, as a result, we got “one hundred and fortieth” in the action:

What to do about it? You can simply not pay attention, because the developers have proposed two interesting branches (they were chosen specifically for the 1st season of the “Battle Pass”):

Another option is to go and buy a T-44 at a discount (if, of course, someone does not have it open), complete some of the combat missions on it, upgrade the crew and farm experience for Object 430.

The situation itself is not too critical, but on social networks it caused a new wave of mutual insults among players who did not manage to move away from the Battle of Bloggers. We deliberately did not indicate the nickname of the person who proposed such an idea, so as not to inflate the conflict. Those who watched the video already know who they are talking about.

Good luck on the battlefields and easy pumping!

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