• February 22, 2024

Why DirectX 12 Won’t Include In Metro Exodus And How To Fix It

One way to improve graphics and fix various issues in Metro Exodus is to switch DirectX from 11 to 12 or vice versa. At first glance, everything is simple here – go to the game settings and change one version to another. But quite often this parameter is blocked, the player cannot change the setting. To unlock a setting, sometimes you have to perform additional steps.

How to unblock DirectX 12?

There are 3 working methods to fix the problem:

  • DirectX update to the current version. You don’t even have to download the file you need, but find it in the internal directory of the Redist game. It is enough to run the file “Dxsetup or similar. If after launching a notification that Windows has a newer version, you should uninstall DirectX from your computer in advance. This will allow you to reinstall the given software environment;
  • Installing the latest updates for Windows 10. In order for Metro Exodus to work properly, you need to have a version of Windows 10 from 1809. Most likely, an old update is installed, which makes it impossible to switch DirectX. This method helps most often;
  • Updating Drivers for computer components. In order not to manually download drivers for all PC components, you can use Driver Pack Solution… This program will search and update drivers without user intervention.

After updating all the prerequisites, you can try to open the game and check the availability of the DirectX option. In theory, it should be unblocked.

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