• May 26, 2022

Why in WoT CIS players were prohibited from resetting their accounts and when will the statistics reset be returned?

Only players on RU servers faced such discrimination, while in Europe and America you can easily reset your statistics and start from scratch.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and on the agenda is the question that some players asked: “How can I reset my WoT account?” There is basically one reason for this decision:

Corrupted statistics at the beginning of the game path, which negatively affects the overall profile.

Mod for statistics, popularly nicknamed “Olenemer” divided players into skill extras, middle peasants and crayfish… Average players would like to upgrade their profile to “green”, and some would like to swing at turquoise, but at least crayfish would become “yellowish” in order to reduce the amount of negativity in their address in random.

For some, not everything is so running and it turns out to correct the mistakes of the past, to tighten up the statistics, but still it will not be ideal anymore. That is why in patch 1.4 the developers have introduced such a feature as “Resetting your account”

But not everyone could decide to take this step, since a lot had to be sacrificed:

  • all researched techniques in the tree of developments;
  • equipment bought for silver and bonds;
  • resources written off (all experience, silver, bonds);
  • progress on LBZ;
  • crew members;
  • customization elements, if you do not transfer them to the warehouse.

This is the price of resetting statistics… But at the same time, it’s better than downloading an account from scratch, because something can be left:

  • gold and days of premium account;
  • all boosters (reserves);
  • premium technology;
  • slots and berths;
  • special rewards and customization items in the warehouse.

But now the shop has been closed for the CIS region… The reason turned out to be unpreparedness for such an influx of people, since the whole process was carried out in manual mode, therefore it entailed certain difficulties:

  1. The procedure takes a long time.
  2. In the process of “zeroing”, accompanying errors occurred, which led to the occurrence of additional requests in the CPP.

At the time of closing this function, up to 30,000 requests were being processed.

On servers EU and NA there were much fewer people who wanted to (and maybe the support did their job better), at least there canceled nothing and to this day continue to reset statistics in manual mode

But in general, there is a possibility that this function will be returned for RU servers as well. Now a group of people are developing an internal service to automate this procedure. It seems like they promise to revise the list of what will be removed along with the statistics.

However, you can not wait for the weather from the sea and create a twink… Especially now you can get 2 prem tanks for free for the Referral program. A new season begins on May 26, new vehicles have been added. So you can get a premium tank for a new account and for an old one (it will remain there even after the statistics are reset).

Also registering now new account by a special invite link you can get 600 gold + prem LT T-127, and if you also enter the invite code DRIVETRIBE or TANKOLET, then you can get even more gifts:

You can also get a premium account and a lot of goodies. Now it’s much easier to start downloading a new account, all the more you can get at the start at least 3 premium tanks (2 gift and 1 for a referral), and after playing 1000 battles, invite a friend as a recruit or go solo. All links for the implementation of the 2.0 referral program in WoT can be found at the end of the article.

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