• September 28, 2023

why it occurs and how to fix it

The DirectX bug in Battlefield 2042 is an extremely annoying problem, because it makes a new project DICE and EA practically inoperable “piece of code”. Some players experience an error in the main menu when Battlefield 2042 tries to connect to EA servers, while others experience an error when launching the game for the first time.

It’s also worth noting that the DirectX error message may differ slightly from case to case. Here are some examples of different versions of the error:

What causes the DirectX error in Battlefield 2042?

Unfortunately, the error with the DirectX API in the new Battlefield 2042 does not occur due to any specific “pathogen”: there are a number of potential reasons. Let’s briefly go over these reasons.

  • The lack of DirectX libraries in the user’s system, which are necessary for the normal operation of Battlefield 2042 (i.e. DirectX has not been updated for a long time).
  • Damaged or missing libraries of a particular version of Microsoft Visual C ++.
  • Windows 10 is missing one or more important updates.
  • Outdated graphics drivers for your video card.
  • Player PC ID issue and Battlefield 2042.

Solving DirectX error in Battlefield 2042

First of all, we recommend that you go through the most trivial solutions: updating DirectX, video card drivers and Windows itself, as well as reinstalling the existing sets of Microsoft Visual C ++ libraries. Here are all the links you need:

The note: make sure (!) uninstall the Microsoft Visual C ++ library sets from your computer before installing them again using the above links. You can uninstall them in the usual way through the “Programs and Features” in the system Control Panel.

Once done, restart your PC and check for DirectX errors in Battlefield 2042. Didn’t help? Well, then it’s time to get down to a more sophisticated method – changing the PC ID. There is nothing difficult in this – it will take you five minutes, maximum ten.

  • Press WIN + R to bring up the Run dialog box;
  • write in the line the value “REGEDIT” and press ENTER;
  • in the registry editor, go to the path “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → Software → Microsoft → Cryptography”;
  • double-click LMB on the “MachineGuid” parameter (on the right side of the window) to open its properties;
  • insert into the string the value generated by following link, for example a81b26b9-ad31-41ba-a36c-bd1b83b96ea8 and save the changes.

Launch Battlefield 2042 and check for a DirectX error.

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