• February 20, 2024

Why play World of Tanks in 2020❓

Come back if you left, because this year will be a landmark for the game. The game is growing and offers a lot of interesting content and modes that will be of interest to both beginners and veterans of the game.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and we decided to share our thoughts on the future of the game and summarize the positive changes that are planned in 2020. The range of “freebies” is expanding, more and more free gifts, tanks and buns can be obtained this year. Let’s talk about what good has already appeared and what awaits in the future of World of Tanks.


In patch 1.8, we introduced daily tasks that are easy to complete, with good guaranteed rewards. In most cases, you don’t even have to try to complete them, they are passed just by playing.

Also from the latest innovations – “Battle Pass”. Again, simple enough to play. The progression through the levels is not fast, but the event is calculated for almost three months. Each level is rewarded with valuable prizes:

There is already a bit of donation here – the second branch opens only for gold:

But even without the injection of money, you can also take a lot of buns and the main reward:

Pay attention to the trophy equipment. It can be adjusted and then its characteristics will be equal to boom. Now they have introduced a rammer and aiming drives, and in the future, optics will appear.

As you can see, each player can easily get rewards, even by typing a few days of premium account. By the way, now Wargaming decided to support players in forced quarantine and give 14 days of a tank premium account as a gift with a bonus code BESAFE2020

Enter code here


Players will not get bored with game PvP and PvE events. This year, the developers decided to combine the Front Line and Steel Hunter modes into a common progression called “Tank Expedition”. In addition to last year’s AE Phase I, the Object 777 and Char Futur 4 (all 9 levels) were added as rewards.

At the same time, the amount of experience required to get tokens for ranks in the “Front Line” was halved, and the “Steel Hunter” was extended by four months. If you play each of the modes to the maximum, then you can pick up two tanks. If time does not allow “zadrot”, then tokens are accumulated from both modes and playing a little each, you can save up for a tank. All extra tokens towards the end of the year will be available for exchange for various bonuses, including bonds.

Also in the spring we should expect the beginning new historical event, in which players will have to unite in order to jointly resist artificial intelligence in the person of a bot. The award for the storming of Berlin should be the IS-2 Shielded tank.

Why is now the best time to sign up for a new account?

Such an abundance of awards and events is a good chance to start a career in the game from scratch. If you’ve been thinking about creating a twink, now is the perfect time. By registering a new account using this invite link and entering the invite code in the appropriate field TANKOLET you can get at the start 1450 gold + premium tank as a gift + 4 premium tanks for rent.

Complete tasks to get more gold, a premium account and a level 6 tank for a token. From above, you can supplement this case with 14 days of prema, which are given in quarantine (until April 3, you can automatically get it from this link).

But the advantages of the twink do not end there, because there is still a referral program. Invite a new account as a recruit to your base and just by playing, by swinging, get one of the premium tanks for free (also a premium for a completed referral contract is also due to your main account). So, if you wish, you can return to your old account at any time, and there you will find a premier tank of level 8.

The fate of the “New Balance”, Crew 2.0 and 10 years WoT

Soon the developers will arrange a big stream on which they will answer in more detail the questions of the title. So far, it is known that Balance 3.0 has been partially canceled, but the developers are not going to refuse to rebalance the shells. But 100% will remove and rebalance more than 100 cars, which will greatly simplify pumping at low levels.

Details about which tanks will be brought out and new branches of development.

But the developers are not only removing the equipment, but have already introduced a backlighting of Soviet double-barreled tanks, the third branch is still classified for the Italians. Finally, the developers heard the players’ requests and listened to the voice of reason – tankers will no longer forget the already studied equipment, i.e. can be transplanted without penalty.

This year the game anniversary – 10 years! The developers promise to throw a grand celebration, with a lot of events (even cooler than last year’s tank festival). All details will appear shortly, and we will definitely publish them on the site, so stay tuned on the site.


World of Tanks is in full swing! The game has become more friendly to newcomers, pleases with an abundance of rewards that can be obtained even without donation… Every year, three marathons are held for premium tanks, so with due diligence, you can get premium vehicles for free. The referral program allows not only beginners to ensure a good start, but also veterans to pick up a suitable premium tank for free. The range of game modes is expanding in the game, so everyone can choose what they like.

Veterans of the game are encouraged with annual awards, given out many buns and every year they add a new promotional tank:

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