• February 20, 2024

Why Soviet technology is the “killer” of wheeled LT

Only these tanks are able to counter the elusive chariots and curb their toxicity in randomness.

Hello tankers! Wotpack is here with you, and today we decided to touch on a topic that is being actively discussed again in connection with the beginning of the “Front Line”. For yesterday, we analyzed life hacks and the best tips on how to take a general to the LF and noticed such a moment that most of the players who were the first to reach this rank have a premium Panhard EBR 75 FL 10 at their disposal.

Now let’s look at the situation in the random house. Many players are generally unhappy with the appearance of wheeled vehicles, some even stopped playing after putting them into the game. They start to get bored especially from level 8, because of their high speed and land mines, the armor penetration of which is equal to the caliber of the gun… AND excellent gun stabilization allows you to shoot accurately on the go.

It is noteworthy that even their cross-country ability is better than that of tracked LTs.

French wheeled LTs from 8 to 10 levels have almost no competitors in popularity, while despite the large number of players they retain their leading positions in terms of average damage per battle and percentage of victories. Due to the high breakdown of high-explosive fragmentation shells, they were nicknamed “hunters for LT”.

But, not all of them are tough. The Soviet “tough nuts” are not easy to pierce with a land mine and leave unpunished. In random, we can observe three types of duels:

At the same time, it is not uncommon for one team to have a chariot, but not in the other. The fact is that the balancer does not recognize them as separate classes, therefore one of the teams already at the beginning of the battle is in a knowingly losing situation if the wheeled LT is opposed, for example, by an “American” or “German”.

But all wheel chipsthat give an advantage over classmates do not work in the case of the listed Soviet light tanks

That’s why:

  • they have excellent dynamics and maneuverability, therefore, they cope with active light excellently, but it will not work to spin them at the wheel;
  • gun stabilization even worse, but it’s still great! Allows you to accurately hit in motion + shells have a high flight speed, which only contributes to causing damage to fast moving targets;
  • the most important thing that negates the armor penetration of wheeled bombs is Soviet booking… In frontal projection, he is not afraid of armor-piercing and high-explosive shells.

In battle, Soviet LT counter the French chariots, because they cannot be pierced in the forehead, and it will not work to enter the stern or from the side, because the brisk scouts of the USSR have a good swing speed… In dynamics, they are inferior to the wheelers, if they turn on the high-speed mode, but still be able to stubbornly pursue their goaluntil they are driven out, because adequate ltvods on wheels will try in every possible way to avoid a 1v1 duel.

The French have an advantage in stealth, but the Soviets are not far behind them + they have a higher viewing radius. The LT of the USSR is the most versatile and too tough for wheel imbs, so if anyone can give them a decent rebuff in a random house, only they are.

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